A-Chan’s Little Ass by NPG and A-Chan love lotion 200ml by NPG

Image source: http://www.tvkon.com/search-type-1-order-3-query64-c2llc3Rh.html

(*Deep breath*)

OK, before I start this review, get a snack, a drink, comfy chair cushion or whatever, this one will take a while (maybe).

Alright, you good? I’m about to start. You prepared?

(Side note: I am reviewing 2 products this time, this may show in the title) I’m ready!


Here goes.

WOW! Just Wow! I just re-experienced one intense pleasure ride. this product, I have had the longest time of out of every other onahole I currently possess (the lotion too out of all lotions  I have too, strangely enough).

(Another side note: I have no idea if that is really a good thing, but I take really good care, so I guess it’s okay.)

And even though it shows a bit of wear and tear (which might not show up in the photos, you tell me), it is so powerful and intense, I rarely use it, and when I use it, I usually go a least 24 hours before I use it (The reason why will be explained in a separate post). This is also because of its size and way I use it. Before I describe it any further, let me introduce you all to it.

Edit: here is the explanation

A-Chan’s little Ass by N.P.G


Toydemon ($59.95, now $50.95)$

http://www.meikitoys.com/a-chans-little-ass ($59.95)

http://www.amazon.com/NPG-A-Chan-Little-Ass/dp/B007WZS1BG ($62.42)

Coolmalesextoy ($56.99, now $49.99) $

A-Chan Love Lotion 200ml


Toydemon ($14.95, now $10.95) $

http://www.ebay.com/itm/A-Chan-Love-Lotion-200ml-/121084400291 ($14.95)

(I could swear I saw both being sold on more sites. Maybe under different names).

Both the onahole and the lotion were made by the fine folks at NPG (“Nipori Gift”), a company whose products I have little experience with besides this, but I feel the make at least decent onaholes and accessories. So yes, what you are looking at is probably bigger than more onaholes, but smaller than some onahips (onaholes that can look more like the lower part of the female body (but the sexy parts)). You may have also noticed that the onahole comes with a pair of panties. I find that it adds a bit of an allure, a charm if you will. Like, it adds a sort of loli/little sister/young idol vibe to the onahole (at least that’s what I feel). (Also, I feel like I just described an anime or hentai character. Maybe I did, who knows?)

The panse very shameful for a girl carried out!! Only you whom showing such a place loves!!
The pause very shameful for a girl carried out!! Only you whom showing such a place loves!!

Now for backstory part 1 (the onahole’s creation and what it was based on. You can choose to skip this part. I chose to include it because, I don’t know, some may be interested in it.) The onahole is based off of a JAV and the likeness of the woman on the box was one of the actresses by the name of Kohaku Uta (edit: it was the same actress, not just the likeness)(note: I researched this name long ago as well as the video this was based on, but found no reliable source, just shows and contest under a similar name.) parodying the former leader of a certain popular Japanese girl group (I’ll let you guess which one; the former leader and the group).

Now for part 2 of the backstory (The part where I came in but not as long). I purchased it from my favorite site when deciding between this and another similar onahole (I couldn’t find its name, maybe it has been discontinued?). Looking back, best decision! I had so much fun  and pleasure from this over the past 2 years (seriously), though I blame the USB onahole warmer from accelerating the damage from use (read why there).


Now the more technical part of the review starts.


Adorable, isn’t it?

Pre-session. Lubed and ready to go.
Pre-session. Lubed and ready to go.

Dimensions: L x W x H (5.75″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″) (~14.61 cm x 16.51 cm x 8.89 cm) Weighing in at 850g (1.87 lbs) thought I heard it was actually 2 lbs (~907.19g). I guess it’s not that big a deal.

Remember the damage I mentioned earlier? It’s around the “lips” (labia) (I’m not going to make a joke how the tear came to be, it should be obvious). (I made a joke anyways, didn’t I?). Despite it’s many good points, I was a little disappointed when I found out the butthole (anus) was not another hole for use (unless you want to stick just the tip in, though there is barely any space past a little circular hole. The other onahole I was considering did, go figure)

The onahole came with what could be considered one of the more adorable pair of panties. Judge for yourself.

Pink with black polka dots. So...cute?
Pink with black polka dots. So…cute?
When the panties are on correctly
Harder to make right on the front
Harder to make right on the front

So yes, a good accessory to have. Really gives the box and onahole that certain charm.

With how the onahole is positioned, it can only really be used in the doggy styled position (hold with both hands or set on a table or bed. I have tried other positions with little to no luck or pleasure.) Now to talk about the lotion.

(Left) 100 ml (3.38 oz) bottle (included with onahole). (Right) 200 ml (6.78 oz) bottle (sold separately)
(Left) 100 ml (3.38 oz) bottle (included with onahole). (Right) 200 ml (6.78 oz) bottle (sold separately)

The lotion that came with the onahole shows the face of the same actress (of course) and (I’ll say it again) Wow! the feel, the light friction between penis and vaginal walls makes the whole thing effective even after many uses.The combination sometimes drives me to a crazy high amount of pleasure (if there was such a scale). I could maybe last a good 1-2 minutes against the duo at first, though now I finish at around five minutes on a good night (due to wear and familiarity of sensation perhaps?) Sorry, I was talking about the onahole when I said I will talk about the lotion (seriously not intentional, the combo works well.).

It has a “scent”  and viscosity that I guess is supposed to be like vaginal fluid (when a woman gets “wet” in preparation for sex. Do I need to explain all this? I’m not an expert at it.) But I guess most lotions are supposed to be like that minus the scent in some cases. Even though the original 100 ml bottle is not empty yet, I went ahead and purchased the 200 ml refill because, well I’d like to have more of this stuff on hand (which is a good investment). The 200ml bottle has a nice design, easy to grip on to when your hands are all lubed up (I’m guessing).

Double rating system go!

  • FEEL: 10/10(onahole and lotion)  One of the few onaholes that pulled the foreskin back that doesn’t scare me. The lotion really helps with that.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10(onahole and lotion) The peach(on the front of the box) indicates PVC (apparently according to a site) is a most excellent material. The lotion complements this.
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 10/10 (onahole and lotion) A bit pricier than some of your average onahole it also serves as a bridge from onaholes to onahips. The lotion does good as well.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 10/10 (onahole and lotion) So much about it has been said. This review is already long as it is. You now the drill.
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 (onahole and lotion) *Gasp* not a perfect score?! Yes despite it’s awesomeness, the cleaning part takes a while. The lotion seems to take a little more water and soap to clean out the onahole.

FINAL SCORES: 49/50 or 98% for the two. Seriously, take away the JAV element from it, and you’d still have an almost unbelievable experience. Speaking of JAV…


Perhaps the best I had so far. (Maybe one day, another will succeed this review?)

How I felt when I first used it.
How I felt when I first used it.

Probably the closest thing to a waifu for me (if waifus really existed in the real world.)

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