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Hello Everyone! Hope the season’s been treating you all well where ever you may be. And if not, I’m sure things can only go up from here.

Before we continue, once again I’m here with another wonderful product from my friends over at MotsuToys and their U.S based branch: Onahole. Tonight’s product is another electric powered tool by KYO. Like the KYO Capsule I previously reviewed (That review can be found below), The KYO Beat is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery and also vibrates. More info below:

KYO Capsule

Onahole ($49.95) $

MotsuToys (€49.95) $


So majestic…And that line, You will want to follow.
Just beautiful.
Once more…
…From the Top


Interesting placement.
Everything included.
Includes optional suction stand for more options.
Charging port.


It may look like a Bluetooth earpiece, but it’s better than that.

Right, where to start with this one? It is quite large overall, it’s even bigger than I thought it would be everywhere. From the sleeve to the handle to even the box. The handler is big enough to hold on to while using the KYO Beat.

The included suction cup cap is quite a wonderful addition. The possibilities of using this onahole open up, to using in the shower or just any wall, or even for just some hands free action. This makes watching your favorite porno or hentai much easier. And you don’t need to worry if you get a little rough, this onahole is quite durable.

To power on the KYO Beat, just push a hold and hold down the side button for about 2 seconds and to change vibration modes, just push the side button again. I gotta say, the vibration on this thing, is just amazing and since the sleeve is very soft, you may find an easier time inserting yourself and feel every bit of the texture while the vibrations sends pleasure to your body.


So easy, just the way I like it. Water and drying cloth. Even removing the sleeve is simple. Just push towards one side and it should come off. To reinstall the sleeve, just push it back into the ring.


  • FEELING: 9/10 Soft and you can really feel the vibrations.
  • MATERIAL: 9/10 Soft to the touch.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Well worth the price and the hours of use this product has for you.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Charging is quick and easy.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Again, easy and hassle free.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. Once again, I am in amazement in now having tried a product I had gone so long without. Another one to keep in my books.

If you’d like one of these onaholes for yourself, you can find one in the following links:

Hope to see you all next time, I hope you really liked this one. And stay tuned for future products you may also like.

2018 onahole preview/ Fuku-Bukuro 2018 — Ultimate Japanese Adult Lucky Bag

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I realize it’s kind of late in the year to upload this kind of review, but what the heck right? Ordered and arrived in February, but let’s just move on.

Also, still no idea how that live stream would have worked out.

Right, so this is, once again, a preview of future reviews (I know I said that before, but this time it may be true. I tried doing a review from the previous box, but it just could not happen.)

Here’s the box.

First up:

Another box, another year where we don’t see a hentai DVD.

At least there’s a Cosplay JAV, so that’s an improvement. I take back my previous comment.

One last thing before I forget: The cosplay DVD came with a catalog booklet. I thought this was interesting.

Next up we have:

Another pair of panties as I continue my path of continuing to be a perv.

Another mini vibrator. In pink.

Another small bottle of lotion. Alba lotion. Also has a slight pink tint.

An oral cup like Tokyo Honey or a Tenga onacup. What’s interesting is the picture of a giraffe, wearing what looks like a school outfit.

Goodness, a giraffe kouhai (underclassmen)…who is more than willing to give you…a little neck. I’ve head of deep-throat, but this is just ridiculous.

Speaking of kouhai/undeclassmen, here is a onahole called Class Mate. Maybe more will be said in the future?

And then this. Yeah, definitely looks like something I have seen being soon online. I’ll come back to this in due time.

This time, I get a sticker!

Once again, thanks for your time. Hope this helped get you all excited for possible upcoming product reviews. No excuse for why this was delayed, my bad.  Hope this didn’t disappoint.


Single’s Day part 3: Hory Shet! That’s just too much toys

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Time of this writing:  Feb. 14 12:00 AM

More self pleasure, this year, I got caught up in editing a video I downloaded (Completely unrelated, just it out of boredom and because horny)

Same topic: The collection I have accumulated over the year. And I think I dug myself in a hole; I couldn’t fit everything in one place or in one picture, but then I remembered that in part 1 (the first Valentine’s day post) I took several pictures. So I don’t feel too bad about it. But I grow worried I’ve bought too much, mostly because a delivery ended up taking almost 2 months.

But I’m not here to rant. I’m here to share and see how the collection has changed since last year.





Collection as of Feb. 2017.

One upside to this huge collection is that I will have plenty of material to work with in the coming months. And this can serve as a preview.

Well you know the drill, take care of your lover, yourself, and your onaholes. I’m off to decide which one will I treat with care tonight.

2017 onahole preview/ Fuku-Bukuro 2017 — Ultimate Japanese Adult Lucky Bag From JList


Hello, it’s kind of late to post something like this almost a month through 2017, but I finally got my package that I was waiting for.

I also was considering a short live stream, but I have no idea how I would pull this off. Also, I ordered this package back in early December last year and just got it a few days ago. Hope it’s worth the wait.

Notice: this is more of a preview of what you will see on the site. Full reviews of the products will come at a later time.

Anyway, here is a little of what you can expect this year.

Box is upside down because my invoice information was there.

What will we find inside?

Our first item is a SD Tenga. Nice, nice. Looks good so far.

Next we have:

A mini onahole. No idea what’s the name. Edit: Fuwatoro Meiki Mini is the name.

Oh boy, if I don’t know the name, how can I talk about these products? Hopefully, by  the time I do the reviews, I will know the names and I remember to come back and edit this.

A bullet vibrator. And it comes with batteries. Very nice.

so I’m 1-1-1 for the products here. Ok I guess. Moving on:

Another mini vibe. And it looks like it could connected as a keychain. Not that I’d do that myself.

A little bottle of lotion. Ku.So No.Ha? Kusonoha? I’ll call it that for now. Also it has a clear pink tint? Interesting. Edit: About 2 oz.

Our next item is:

A JAV onahole. Air in Premium? Also, surprisingly, I found it rare that I see nipples on the front of the box. More on this onahole later.

A stack of DVDs was included. I wonder what genres are represented here. Edit: below from left to right: BDSM, Tan(?), Idol (JAV idol?), Incest

See video below (Edit: Disc only one was massage)

// ytCropper


“Hory Shet” indeed. Like damn, at least one or two look like some hardcore stuff. I was hoping for at least one hentai though. Maybe the disc only one might be one (Edit: It’s another JAV). I don’t know if I want to watch the DVDs or if I even can (Edit: I can watch it).

A sealed pair of panties. I swear I’m going down the weird path of the pervert. French text by the looks of it. May get back on that.

And a red paper bag to end the preview.

Thanks for your time. Hope you are excited for these and other upcoming product reviews. And again, this was delayed due to the holidays and general problems in the mail. Hope I didn’t disappoint. If I did, I’ll make it up later, you’ll see.