Hello Hello My wonderful audience! How is it going? Enjoying the new year so far? Hope you all are.

Now here is something you may not have expected, especially with the length of time I was gone, but this review you is brought to you by the fine people at The product I have the honor of reviewing is called Infinity, a new modular (“employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction”) (This will make sense in a moment, don’t worry).

For the first time, I’m reviewing an onahole that recently came out at the time of this writing (Winter 2018).


This is quite a large box, I wonder if it’s because the onahole is so big, I’ve only seen photos of it.

So many packing peanuts. They must have really wanted it to be seen in optimal condition, and I really appreciate the effort.
Oh?! Is there more to this box?
“NO WAY!! You really did send me the onahole!” is what I was thinking when I first opened the package.

The Package

This is quite an impressive box, the kind I would have dreamed about when I was a little younger (but still of legal adult age). symbols at lower left from left to right: Soft Skin Like Material, Modular Design for infinite possibilities, Durable Exterior, Easy to Clean and Dry.
(Ignore the top right corner for now) During the current promotion, Every Infinity onahole comes with a bottle of Meiki Bliss lotion. So that is wonderful, you can start using the onahole straight out the box.

I know I said straight out the box, but…it requires some assembly before you can use it.

The Parts

After sliding the box slip off, you see this. It’s kind of hard to see, but it says Infinity with the infinity symbol in the middle.


It comes in several smaller boxes. Each box contains either the “enclosure” (holder) or the modules. Modules are divided by loops (“tunnels”) and portals (entry point)

So yes, there are more parts included here. These are the parts included in the Infinity Classic Set. A great start if I do say so myself. And I do, of my own accord. From left to right: Classic (pussy), Rib, Nub, Wave. Your more standard types of onahole tunnels (which are very good whether you are a biginner or experienced user).
I also received these loops that are available for purchase either individually or can be order in the Infinity Custom set. From left to right: Gauntlet, Geode, Duplex. These tunnels are more for users who wish to experience various sensations. Though beginners are definitely not excluded from trying these.
After removing the plastic ring cap, you see this end piece. I believe the end piece is for suction and easier clean up of the closure (lotion and other bodily fluids less likely to stain the closure at the bottom).
Included in each box is an instruction manual for assembling. From left to right: 1. Insert end piece over the circular base. 2. Insert each Loop and Entrance Portal’s L notch in the L locking grooves on brace as shown. 3. Close the support brace R. 4. Insert Cap ring at indicator and turn left to lock. Usage: Apply water based lotion inside the entrance hole in addition to your penis and you’re ready to go. (Reapply lotion as needed throughout use).
The instruction manual includes disassembling 1. Turn Right to remove Cap ring 2. Open up the support brace 3. Remove each Loop from the support brace 4. Remove end piece from the circular base Cleaning/Drying 1. Completely disassemble all pieces and rinse with running water until clean 2. Drain excess water from each piece 3. Allow all pieces to air dry completely and/or with the aid of paper towels Tip: Keep all pieces separate for faster drying.

So after all the reading and with a little patience, the onahole is finished.

Ahh yeah, looking really good and sturdy. The set up here is Rib, Nub, Wave. You can customize the order of the tunnel as you please (hence the beginning of the review).
Really reminds me of those Fleshlights that got big years ago and still are big with entrances based on porn stars (not an unfamiliar concept on this site).

Like I was saying, this product looks really good and it works fantastic. I can really got inside and feel the customized tunnel. The finish left me speechless.

After disassembly and cleaning, the first run through ends on a high note. (Yes, the photo is a bit premature since it’s not completely dry).
Nub loop
Wave Loop
Rib Loop
Classic Portal

The second run through for me contained the other loops.

Geode Loop


Gauntlet Loop
The Duplex Loop have two different sides. It didn’t get that name for nothing, that’s for sure.


Yeah, this is one high quality onahole. And users like me can make it to our liking, which just makes it all the better. And with more parts coming in the future, I will definitely keeping coming back to this onahole.

The Feeling

It’s difficult to describe feeling exactly due to the fact that how the onahole feels changes depending on which parts you use and in what order. But of course you will be satisfied regardless. I recommend that you try this onahole if you can, at least once or twice (though if you get it, I doubt you would want to stop after once or twice).

Cleaning Process

Like it says on the instruction manual, disassemble the parts and clean with running water. It also says NOT to use soap as it can “leech the oil out of the material and make the material less elastic and more brittle. This will cause cracks/rips to develop in the soft material”. Also to air dry, but I do that already. I will heed this information for future onaholes as well as my previous (surviving) onaholes.

The Conclusion

You really can’t go wrong with this onahole whether you go for the Classic set or go wild with the Custom set. You still get several combinations in each set, more with each part you add in your collection.

And with that, the score

    • FEEL: 10/10. Will vary, though most will be near-perfect to perfect.
    • MATERIAL: 10/10. That R & D team those ToyDemon guys got really nailed an onahole.
  • PRICE: 10/10. Price is fine. None of the sets or individual parts to too expensive and worth every penny.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10. Due to there being a promotion, lotion is included, will it be after the promotion? Don’t know. We’ll see.
  • CLEANING: 10/10. Cleaning and drying an onahole has not been easier for me. Though none I’ve had has been difficult to clean or dry.

FINAL SCORE:  49/50 or  98%.

And you can get your hands (and crotches) on one of these babies at any of the links below. I will see you guys later.

ToyDemon Infinity Classic
ToyDemon Infinity Custom

Year 3: Conclusion

Once again, another year down, another one to come again. Let me thank all of you for giving the motivation to write about my weird and lewd experiences.

Something new for this blog may be coming soon, I look forward to sharing the experience with all of you.

Thank you for your continued support.