Single’s/Valentine’s/Onahole Day Part 5: Recovery from the Attack on Onahole Pocket Dimension

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Another year, another event that hindered my progress. At least no destruction of my property happened this year, already off to a good start. Though I fear another event may hinder me again, but we’ll see in time. Anyways (as always no bragging here, just my like of sharing here) here is my collection up until this point.

Collection as of February 2019

Yeah, I am kind of behind. See previous post on why.
I’m wondering if my collection somehow got smaller…maybe because there are less boxes?
It felt harder to organize this year for some reason.




I’m a little behind, but I hope I get caught up and am able to bring more to review and use.

As I always say, have fun, don’t hurt anyone and happy fapping. Enjoy the day and night with either alone or with someone you love and care for.

Futanarikko Double Hole!!

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(Warning: the following may be controversial and at the same time, completely wrong. Correct me so that I may edit the error out and present the following as accurately as possible)

Introducing a onahole that bring something less common than teeth or breasts (on a onahole): Penis! And I’m not talking about the one you, the (male) user use on a daily basis, I’m talking about the onahole itself having a penis. ($38.00 USD)

OtonaJp (¥3,450.00) $

MotsuToys (€49.95) $ (54,95 €)

Weight: 400 g or 14.1 oz.


You are seeing this correctly.
This is technically possible… (I wouldn’t recommend it though)
so much detail…


The onahole itself
a 15 ml packet of lotion


Huge in relation to the body.

So yes, this onahole comes with a penis attached. And yes, there is a urethral  hole. So in theory, the onahole itself can cum. Think Disgraceful Oppai Body, but though the penis instead of the breasts. I could swear I had found a cross section picture of the onahole, but I guess we’ll just move on.


I always wondered how a futanari / hermaphrodite would work. Depictions in hentai and the such tend to change things around depending on writers.
Man, would having a groin that size would make many things in everyday life much harder (I’m talking about difficulty, not the other kind of hardness).

Penis aside, the onahole does have have a vaginal opening. Besides allowing a heterosexual or bi-curious individual play out any one of many sexual fantasies, this onahole can satisfy one and satisfy well. All this reminds me of one quote: “The dick only makes it better”. The feeling of penetrating this onahole and the dick just bounces up and down, simply incredible. And guess what, I am pretty comfortable with myself, so I say that unabashedly (or maybe this is a sign of something else, but that’s not important right now).

The onahole can take it and give it. So watch out in your onahole collection, you may get cucked.


Cleaning is easy, just running water, pat down with towel, wipe inside with a paper towel or cloth, and that’s it.


  • FEELING: 10/10 Just so satisfying. Can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • MATERIAL: 9/10 Very endurable and soft to the touch.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Not too expensive, and it is worth it.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Standard packet of lotion.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Easy. Not much else need to be said.

FINAL SCORE: 47/50 or 94%. Futa fantasies aside, this onahole pleases sexually. It also opens up more possibilities, more than I originally though possible when I first started. So I recommend this onahole.