Single’s Day part 3: Hory Shet! That’s just too much toys

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Time of this writing:  Feb. 14 12:00 AM

More self pleasure, this year, I got caught up in editing a video I downloaded (Completely unrelated, just it out of boredom and because horny)

Same topic: The collection I have accumulated over the year. And I think I dug myself in a hole; I couldn’t fit everything in one place or in one picture, but then I remembered that in part 1 (the first Valentine’s day post) I took several pictures. So I don’t feel too bad about it. But I grow worried I’ve bought too much, mostly because a delivery ended up taking almost 2 months.

But I’m not here to rant. I’m here to share and see how the collection has changed since last year.





Collection as of Feb. 2017.

One upside to this huge collection is that I will have plenty of material to work with in the coming months. And this can serve as a preview.

Well you know the drill, take care of your lover, yourself, and your onaholes. I’m off to decide which one will I treat with care tonight.

Nikudon Paipina by Ride Japan

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Hello again, a new year, the same topic: onaholes. And as always (at least it feels like always) I’m reviewing a onahole that was released years ago. But at least it stands the test of time. Also note: I’m not sure if this would qualify as either a vaginal or a breast-like onahole. Maybe it’s not supposed to be either?

Edit: according to information online, this onahole is supposed to represent a “Curvy” woman. Sounds about right.

ToyDemon ($11.95, now $10.95) $ (US $17.00) (R 1,265.00)

Dimensions: L x W x H (6″ x 2.25″ x 2.25″) or (15.24 cm x ~5.72 cm x ~5.72 cm)

Weight: 295 g or 7.93 oz

Right, so this onahole originally came out back in 2015 as part of Ride Japan’s Fall line of products. Looking at the box: I had the impression that the girl was some princess.

See, there’s a hat and some…shoulder collar? Maybe it’s a scarf? Also note the crown above the name.

A curvy princess I might add. There’s some role play fodder there. Helps maintain a healthy erection.

From here, it looks more like a mouth or a soda bottle with a hole at the bottom, but…*looks online* Thermoplastic elastomer materials in lieu of whatever plastic is used in soda bottles.

Pic also shows the stretchiness of the onahole. Usually I same that in demostration videos rather than boxes. Or maybe I don’t really pay attention to the boxes. That’s a thought for another day.


This was supposed to be a look inside the onahole, but…well there’s no excuse. Still probably won’t be retaken.

Internal view.

Right, so as you may (not) see, the inside is similar to other Ride Japan products with the same Bungee cords inside to stimulate your member more like Anal sensei and the WAZ series (speaking of which, I had previously had an encounter with one such onahole: WAZ Takarabune Treasure Boat)

Eh, the top is alright.

These picture are really not doing this justice. Luckily this one should.

I swear I’ve seen that lotion packet design before, but here it’s white instead of a clear foil? Guess I’ll update if my theory is right or not.

Side note: the onahole kind of looks like some worm-like creature (that in this case provides pleasure rather than try to eat you.)

The one positive here is if this image is automatically flipped, it’s pretty much impossible to tell. Makes for less of a headache.

The design is supposed to help with retaining the lotion in the onahole. Can confirm this to be true, like I can confirm that too much water when cleaning it building up outside the hole rather than go inside. Also something unrelated happen: I believe I experienced a second climax seconds after the first. Very rare for this to happen. And this onahole will get bonus points for that (or at least a higher place in my rotation).


  • FEEL: 8/10 Can feel pleasure in this even if not at full mast (chub, erection)
  • MATERIAL: 8/10 whatever the material name, it does the job well.
  • PRICE: 9/10 Great price relative to size and design.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 The standard lube packet. Change this routine with caution.
  • EASE OF USE: 7/10 Other than being careful not to turn the faucet too much, easy to clean and use.

FINAL SCORE: 40/50 or 80%. This is one worth keeping. I’ll have to test to see if my experience was just a fluke or not. Yeah…so see you next time.

Anal Wife Beyond by Ride Japan

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Has it been a while? I don’t know but…butt time again.

Yes, anal. It has been a while since we have seen a anal type onahole. A little overdue if you ask me, but I had to wait for the right opportunity (translation: I was being lazy and kind of poor in terms of spending money).
Toydemon (was $13.95, now $10.95)$ (11,29 €)

Measurements L x W x H (5″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″) or (12.7 cm x 6.35 cm x ~5.72 cm) Weight 8.50 oz or ~240.97 g.

So what we got today (or whenever you read this) is a onahole by the name of Anal Wife Beyond. Again, anal theme with a womanly box cover.

Stare into the abyss of anal pleasure
I’m sure she’s talking about her ass
Very stretchy.
Goodness, look at that interior…

And I got to say: I enjoyed this onahole even more than Seductive Juicy Tits, something I previously though too difficult to do.

Edit 06/15/2016: So I lost the original half of this review and will now attempt to recreate as much as possible.

As  I was saying, I enjoyed this onahole more than the Seductive Juicy Tits. Inserting myself was easier(I would be surprised at this, but remember: MILF booty), no mystery bumpy interior, more of a…fleshy feel? The middle narrows for a tighter feel, and stretches to accommodate a variety of sizes.


An excerpt from a description online:

“The entrance of Anal Wife Beyond has many vein and skin wrinkle looking textures to get you excited.”

Now I don’t know about all of you, but veins and flesh are not my fetishes. However, the veins hold a purpose: to make it easier to hold during use. Also, I guess my fetish would be onaholes. Can onaholes be a fetish? I’m sure it can be.

You ever have a packet of lotion give you the bedroom eyes and in mid-strip? Well, you have now!

Comes with a 12ml (~0.41 oz) packet of lotion. his packet has everything: virgins, big boobies, loli girls, unzipped jean shorts, stockings. But one thing gets me: it says virgin and the girl on the box is probably in her 20’s. Could this mean this girl was an anal virgin before marrying you? If that’s the case, no wonder her ass was tighter than the MILF in your neighborhood (you know the one or do you?) who has, according to rumors, has seduced many young men with her large breasts and nice ass. An anal neighborhood bicycle if you will. (or at least in your dreams). All kidding aside, I still enjoy the MILF hole to this day.

I feel a disturbance, so I will wrap this up.

  • FEEL: 9/10 Even if it is better than Seductive Juicy Tits, it is not perfect.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 This TPE stuff is great
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 10/10 Much more affordable, and feel better than Seductive Juicy Tits. And for a lower price: even better.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 The lotion is great. It works.
  • EASE OF CLEANING: 10/10 Less lotion on my hands after use and during cleaning? Makes the process a lot easier.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%. When the booty makes you come again and again to cum again and again, you should put a ring on it. Or in this case, you already did.

Oh yeah, one more thing:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Have a great night.


WAZ Takarabune Treasure Boat by Ride Japan

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Side note: The title is apparently (Treasure Boat) Treasure Boat. I didn’t know that before starting this. Let’s see what else we learn from this (mostly me, I believe)


Description: The “48 style” is the Japanese sex position manual and one of the position is called “Takarabune” (Treasure Boat). Called Treasure Boat because the female sits on the male body and holds one of his leg up like the mast of the boat. This is position that WAZ is designed after. Made with 3D interior structure and stretchy material, Takarabune is a great start to their series. (

Size (L x W x H):  5.25″ x 2.25″ x 2.5″ (~13.4 cm x ~5.72 cm x 6.35 cm) ($8.95)

Unfortunately, my photos of the box no longer exist. I don’t know if you can see, but on the side of the box, you can see what the treasure boat position looks like. From the description, this onahole draws inspiration from the 48 styles (think Kama Sutra).

Example: (explains better than I can).

Here is probably a better example: (also the other positions)

So far, it appears only two of the 48 positions have been made into onahole form (hopefully more will come, and make us cum).

I originally have this onahole around the same time as the Costume Princess Aoi Chihiro onahole.

index 2

The outside was pink with some sort of texture, not too big to hold. It came with a lotion, but I no longer have it unfortunately. Now, on to the  inside:


the all important hole/entrance where the penis is to enter (of course). Easy to slide in, despite opening size (with lotion), I can’t imagine the motion of sliding in would be easy or pleasurable with the lotion.


  • FEEL: 8/10 Feel great, though my experience with this and trying to achieve the Treasure Boat position without a partner was met with disappointment.
  • MATERIALS: 9/10 Great whatever is used for the material.
  • PRICE: 9/10 A reasonable price for an onahole with a unique concept like this.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 If memory serves, the lube was above average compared to about half the lubes I’ve tried (which were average by which I mean just usable, nothing too special)
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 N0 problems with cleaning.

FINAL SCORE: 43/50 or 86%. For something like this, it should have a higher score, but I guess actually trying the depicted position with an onahole and not an actual woman just would not be satisfying (however, trying the position with both the onahole and a partner can yield results beyond expectations, in theory).