La Vie En Roses

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*sniff* flowers? In winter?

Oh! It’s there are flowers at home.

But it’s not those flowers…what could it be?

I know! It’s got to be La Vie En Roses (not to be confused with the 1947 French song by the singer Édith Piaf) (And yes, I just went there). Also La vie en Roses, I hear that translates to Life in pink. Vous apprenez quelque chose de nouveau dans les endroits les plus etranges, right? Also that last sentenace may have caused some confusion and I apologize for that.

ToyDemon ($45.95) $
CoolMaleSexToy ($42.99) $
MotsuToys (€54.95) $

Dimensions: L x W x H (6.75″ x 4.5″ x 3″) or (~17.15 cm x 11.43 cm x 7.62 cm)

Weight: 700g or ~24.7 oz

Coming from the maker Magic Eyes, they went with a rose motif for this onahole. Reminds me of an alraune (a plant based monster girl).

The Package

Well it’s more of a combination of a flower surrounded by flowers.
Something rare about this onahole: Both holes meet into a single tunnel in the end.


Now see, this was what I was talking about. A woman coming out of a flower (A pink rose in this case?).
There’s a notice inside the box?
It’s time’s like this that I wish I had kept at least part of the box. But it appears to be a list of elements.


The Product

Included in the box is the onahole itself and your standard 15 ml (~0.51 oz) packet of lotion.
Would you look at that vulva


Even Magic Eyes’ mark is here.


In my experience, I had a lot more luck with the vagina than with the anus. The onahole itself will hold on to your member and retain lotion. With its weight of 700g, it is one of the more bigger onahole before getting into onahip territory. Since both holes lead to one tunnel, half of the enjoyment is entering.


Clean up is really easy and simple; running water and dry with a towel or cloth.


Look past the small anus (Must be really good if it’s kind of difficult to enter), you will not regret your decision to buy and use this onahole.

  • FEEL: 7/10 That tight ass is holding this onahole from it’s full potential, the vagina, however, saves this onahole from a low score
  • MATERIAL: 8/10 Soft to the touch, easy to grip.
  • PRICE: 9/10 Varied prices mean success in various levels.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Lotion packet: Good.
  • CLEANING: 9/10 Easy clean up, easily good in my book.

FINAL SCORE: 41/50 or 82%. The theme and the design of this onahole pleases both the eyes and the groin. Can’t go wrong with this flower girl.