Single’s/Valentine’s/Onahole day 2

Time of this writing: February 14, 11:30 pm. (part 1)

Hello Once again everyone single, coupled, or otherwise.

I am the same here, stayed home, caught up with a show online, about to watch some hentai or porn. An eroge or two I am considering instead. Again, don’t feel bad, I chose this, more or less.

Since I did it last year, I’ll do it again: update on collection. And again, not bragging here.


Collection as of Feb. 2016

…yeah, it seems smaller this year. Maybe because most of the boxes are gone.

Have fun! Don’t hurt anyone, and happy fapping or sexy time!

Honestly, now I want to go take an onahole and…you know, fap, masturbate, whatever you would call the act of sexual pleasure of self. The anime valentine’s cards still get me.

Beautiful Nurse by Magic Eyes

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How was everyone’s holidays? Good? Mine was. And from he holidays: this! (Not really, I had this a while. And guess what; it’s still being sold as of this writing)

Toydemon ($14.95, now $11.95) $

Weight 138 g or ~4.87 oz.


A packet of lotion. I’m guessing 15 ml (~0.51 oz)

Another thing about the lotion packet; it is excellent.

At first, I thought that the onahole would be too small, but like most I have had in the past; it stretched to accommodate my member (really not boasting here, just average).


The three weak points/ choke points. Very enjoyable.


Manga page on the back. Warning: Crappy, inaccurate translations ahead.

20160108_011458 Trans


20160108_011452 Trans

20160108_011507 Trans

20160108_011513 Trans

20160108_011527 Trans

20160108_011532 Trans

So what did you think of my translations? Funny? Perverted? Really idiotic?

While you think of your opinion, let’s rate this:

  • FEEL: 9/10 Since it fits my member, it’s great in my books. How I am still amazed by how onaholes can fit most sizes is beyond me.
  • MATERIALS: 8/10 The maker has done an great job with the onahole.
  • PRICE: 8/10 Seems fair at some online sites. One site prevented a perfect score here. (sorry).
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 10/10 Both a packet of lotion and a manga on the back, that’s rare. So a great score
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 Easy to clean. Enough said.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. I found the manga to be funny, and that’s before my translation. I feel the friend was a representative for Magic Eyes. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.