KYO Beat

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Hello Everyone! Hope the season’s been treating you all well where ever you may be. And if not, I’m sure things can only go up from here.

Before we continue, once again I’m here with another wonderful product from my friends over at MotsuToys and their U.S based branch: Onahole. Tonight’s product is another electric powered tool by KYO. Like the KYO Capsule I previously reviewed (That review can be found below), The KYO Beat is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery and also vibrates. More info below:

KYO Capsule

Onahole ($49.95) $

MotsuToys (€49.95) $


So majestic…And that line, You will want to follow.
Just beautiful.
Once more…
…From the Top


Interesting placement.
Everything included.
Includes optional suction stand for more options.
Charging port.


It may look like a Bluetooth earpiece, but it’s better than that.

Right, where to start with this one? It is quite large overall, it’s even bigger than I thought it would be everywhere. From the sleeve to the handle to even the box. The handler is big enough to hold on to while using the KYO Beat.

The included suction cup cap is quite a wonderful addition. The possibilities of using this onahole open up, to using in the shower or just any wall, or even for just some hands free action. This makes watching your favorite porno or hentai much easier. And you don’t need to worry if you get a little rough, this onahole is quite durable.

To power on the KYO Beat, just push a hold and hold down the side button for about 2 seconds and to change vibration modes, just push the side button again. I gotta say, the vibration on this thing, is just amazing and since the sleeve is very soft, you may find an easier time inserting yourself and feel every bit of the texture while the vibrations sends pleasure to your body.


So easy, just the way I like it. Water and drying cloth. Even removing the sleeve is simple. Just push towards one side and it should come off. To reinstall the sleeve, just push it back into the ring.


  • FEELING: 9/10 Soft and you can really feel the vibrations.
  • MATERIAL: 9/10 Soft to the touch.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Well worth the price and the hours of use this product has for you.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Charging is quick and easy.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Again, easy and hassle free.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. Once again, I am in amazement in now having tried a product I had gone so long without. Another one to keep in my books.

If you’d like one of these onaholes for yourself, you can find one in the following links:

Hope to see you all next time, I hope you really liked this one. And stay tuned for future products you may also like.

KYO Capsule

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Hello, How are all of you doing? I’m fine, just had some other business to take care of. It should be all taken care of and I can come back to you, my readers. And I got to say: it feels great being back.

Before we continue, I have here another wonderful product from my friends over at Tonight’s product is a little different from our usual fare. First, what we know immediately: it functions like just about any onahole out there in the market. Here’s what makes it different: it vibrates, it’s powered by an internal battery, and as you will see, those markings have an significant meaning. Read on to find out more.

MotsuToys (€49.95)$


Yeah, feel the vibes.
How enticing
We going international around here.
More vibes


How neatly wrapped.
Interesting charging cable.
So barrel like. You could probably just leave this out and no one would be the wiser.
I’m surprised with how the tunnel connects with the charging cable.


So many bumps.
More of the same.

Alright, so there are several ways to go about describing the KYO Capsule. Let’s start with the tunnel itself. Seeing that it is powered by an internal battery, it vibrates during use. It doesn’t just have one or two settings, it has 12 settings. Due to the multiple settings, you really feel the stimulation, increasing the blood flow to the user’s genitals, giving you a harder, bigger, and better erection. There are also two vibration points, further increasing the pleasure you receive. The material of the tunnel is also quite something. With a tight grip and with a bump like texture, you really will have quite a good time on your hands.

As you may have guessed, the KYO Capsule not only can function as a onahole, but has an accessory to enhance your experience. Like I said earlier, it helps give you a harder, bigger and better erection. While the tunnel is excellent, you may prefer switching over to your favorite onahole and really enhance your session. You really can’t go wrong with whichever way you want to use the onahole / accessory.


Due to being uncovered at both ends, clean up is really easy. Soap and water or a toy cleaner fluid works.


  • FEELING: 8/10 The onahole is a bit firmer than what you may be used to, but may be occupied by the many vibration settings that you may not notice. It’s all good either way.
  • MATERIAL: 9/10 Firmer, but the vibration settings justify it.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Affordable and durable. Both excellent qualities to have.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Charging up is quick and easy.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Also very easy.

FINAL SCORE: 45/50 or 90%. I can’t believe I have gone so long without such a product in my collection. Either way, it was worth the wait. And it’s definitely a keeper in my books.

If you’d like one of these onaholes for yourself, you can find them in the following links:

KYO Capsule

Hope to see you all next time, I hope you really liked this one. And stay tuned for future products you may also like.

KYO Onahole Shower

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Hello, how’s it going? Hope everything goes well and you all are hanging in there. I noticed it has been raining quite often over here. Probably some seasonal storm is coming. I guess that’s how summer is: it’s hot and dry and then in gets cool and wet. Coincidentally, that leads to tonight’s review.

But before we get to that, welcome back. I am once again here with a product from my friends over at Tonight’s product is another accessory to add to your own collection. The KYO Onahole Shower functions much like a pump, pushing water from a tube to the end piece, squirting out the water.

Motsutoys(€19.95) $


KYO Onahole Shower. Short, simple and to the point.
Instructions in several languages, how European.


Wrapped up nicely.
What comes in the box.

We will see what the onahole shower looks like when assembled later on in the review. Judging the individual parts in the box, the build quality is good. The bottle holds about 300 ml of water, the cap contains the hose and the end piece shoots the water out into the onahole in nine different directions and angles via the spaced hole throughout the attachment. And the assembled device can be used with only one hand, and that is convenient in different ways, like leaving a hand free to hold the onahole or direct the nozzle to make use of the accessory.


Once it’s set up and ready to go.
KYO Onahole Shower in action.

Cleaning the KYO Onahole Shower is easy, just pull the end piece from the hose, unscrew the cap from the bottle, dump the excess water, and dry the individual parts. Now when it comes to the part when you clean the onahole, it really shines. As previously mentioned, the water shoots out in different directions and angles, this make reaching those hard to reach spots inside the onahole a whole lot easier to clean any nasty gunk that may be lurking inside, like bacteria or old fluids. This kind of cleaning is really helpful for those larger, more girth onaholes / onahips you may have around and have been seen more recently here in the blog. Since sink cleaning is not an option for those onaholes, the easy redirect and applied force of the water really helps in the clean up of those products. Same goes for onaholes on the smaller side, it adds another option to how you clean up after your session is complete. Best of all, it really helps extend your onahole’s life and maintenance.


  • FEEL 8/10 Slides inside and outside the onahole easily.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Great product for a great price.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Very effective in cleaning itself and cleaning your favorite onahole(s).
  • EFFECTIVENESS 10/10 Same goes for effectiveness.
  • EASE OF USE 10/10 Just assembly a few pieces and your onahole shower is ready to go.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%. What else is there say that hasn’t been said dozens if not hundreds of times. Perhaps something like this: Improve your post session cleaning routine tonight! With a clean onahole and a clear mind.

If you’d like one for your self, you can find it in the following link:

KYO Onahole Shower

I want to once again thank MotsuToys for sending me this wonderful product, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. I hope to see you all again soon.

Kyo Plush Doll

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Hello all, it’s me again, smile on my face because things are starting to look up and I hope things are also looking up on your end. I’m also smiling for another reason that we will get to shortly.

On that note, welcome back, I have something different for you all tonight, once again from my friends over at And once again, it’s not an onahole, but rather a new way to experience your onaholes, fulfilling more of your fantasies that you may not have known. What I’m talking about is the KYO Plush Doll, a body that holds your onaholes and and it’s soft and…will let’s just move on to the actual review shall we?

Side note: Once again, the format may need to be changed to accommodate. So I ask once again that you please bear with me.

MotsuToys (€199.95) $


Wow! Just stunning. It really gets my creative juices flowing.
*Whistle* My goodness, this doll is quite large.
Now on to the insertion hole: the lining is soft. And the form factor is aesthetically pleasing.
What you see during one of the many positions you can do with this doll.
Also included are drawstrings to tighten and grip your onahole.


An example of how to use this doll with your onahole

Before I tell you about how this doll and the onahole feels during use, I gotta say, this doll is soft to the touch, living up to the plush part of the name. I can see myself using this doll as a pillow, keeping me warm throughout the night after a good nut. The doll is also very light and easy to carry and move. One last thing I’ll say, this doll that carry your average adult’s weight, meaning you can go wild on this doll should you choose to do so.

Alright, now on to how this doll had enhanced my experience with the onahole I had selected. You can read all about that onahole via the following link:

Gokusai Uterus Duo

Side note / tangent: I had noticed not all the onaholes I had tried could really fit inside the doll tunnel. I even tried wrapping one end of deveral onaholes with a plastic bag that the onaholes come in, like it’s suggested. Turns out onaholes on the more slender side work best (your pocket pussy style), due to the bit of extra pressure the doll adds to the onahole. So far, I have found two onaholes in my collection had worked, and I’m still looking to see how many more onaholes will work with the dolls.

Okay, now we get to the experience, I promise, just had to get that observation out. Now using the onahole while inserted into the KYO plush doll, it really made a difference. Inserting myself, hands free into the onahole really helped me feel every curve and pattern a lot easier. Having to just focus on ol’ in out in out in addition to the added pressure really gave me a new appreciation for the onaholes I had previously used and reviewed (well the ones that fit of course). Also the change in elevation and even the angle was really a game changer. Finally, being able to easily change position during the session and holding the outer material really gave a sense of heat, bringing the experience just a bit closer to a real person (You can bring the experience even closer with putting on a wig and panties on the doll).


While resistant to tears, the doll that get dirty just let any other plushie. Thankfully cleaning the doll is quite easy: a washcloth, some warm water and either a toy cleaner or a mild soap can clean both the outside as well as the tunnel (the material inside the tunnel can be pulled inside out). And for drying, just let it air dry. Once dried up, put away in a bag and you’re done.


  • FEEL 9/10 Soft, easy to hold and can even function as a (body)pillow or cushion, this doll’s usefulness doesn’t end at just enhancing your favorite onahole.
  • PRICE: 10/10 While comparable pricewise to a high end onahole, this doll is really worth it. Due to be able to change the insert, this doll can function as any one of your more slender onaholes while adding size.
  • CLEANING: 9/10 Simple to clean and you don’t need to overthink it.
  • EFFECTIVENESS 9/10 Being able to change your position really improves your session.
  • EASE OF USE 10/10 Light and durable.

FINAL SCORE: 47/50 or 94%.

Once again, this new modification to my format is challenging. I liked the challenge. Now on to the doll, I had no big idea just how large this doll was going to be. The form factor allowing it to safely do used outside of your session was a nice bonus. And dressing this doll up is in no way emasculating. Dress the doll up how you want and go as wild as you’d like, the pleasure is worth it.

If you’d like any one of these dolls for yourself, you can find them in the following links:

(Coming back in stock soon enough, I’m sure. Available for pre-order at the time of writing).

KYO Plush Sex Doll

I want to once again thank MotsuToys for sending me this wonderful product, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. I hope to see you all again soon.

KYO Toy Cleaner, KYO Organic Foam Cleaner and KYO Maintenance powder 150 gr

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Hello everyone, it hasn’t been to long this time. Things are looking up on my end if anyone was wondering. I also hope things are improving around yourselves.

And on that note, welcome back. Tonight I have here something different; several products from my friends over at Three products in particular, and none of them onaholes, but rather accessories that add to your onahole experience. Two of them are onahole cleaning products, a spray and a foam. And the other product is a special maintenance powder for the exterior. Don’t worry, I’m sure it will make sense shortly. So let’s go.

Side note: I don’t believe I’ve reviewed toy cleaner or powder on this blog, so the format will likely have to change to accommodate. So please bear with me if it comes out a bit rough.

KYO Maintenance Powder 150 gr (€14.95)$

KYO Toy Cleaner 150 ml (€8.49)$

KYO Organic Foam Toy Cleaner (€9.95)$


First up, we have the KYO Toy Cleaner 150 ml.

KYO Toy Cleaner 150 ml.

Next up we have the KYO Organic Foam Toy Cleaner

Kyo Toy Cleaner Organic Foam 160 ml

Last, but definitely not least, the KYO Maintenance Powder

KYO Maintenance Powder 150 gr

I’m already excited to break down each of these products, so let’s not stall any longer.


KYO Toy Cleaner

Starting off with the KYO Toy Cleaner. There was no strong smell, sprays and spreads easily and leaves the onahole surface feeling clean. And the toy cleaner is not limited to just onaholes, you use it with pretty much any adult toy. Whether that’s a dildo or a butt plug, this cleaner can clean it.

KYO Organic Foam Toy Cleaner

Next, we move on to the KYO Organic Foam Toy Cleaner. Much of the same applies here too. But comes out foamy instead of a spray. The bubbles that comes out brings and traps nasty particles that may be on the surface. So when you wash the onahole, those particles also come out.

KYO Maintenance Powder

Finally, we come to the KYO Maintenance Powder. Powder didn’t feel gritty or coarse, but rather fine. I had heard stories of using a maintenance powder or even just corn starch to keep the material lasting longer. And I’m surprised I hadn’t tried a product like this, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Any leftover moisture is absorbed and the end result is a soft feeling onahole that is ready to go again when you are.


Now that we have an idea on how the products feel, now comes the part on cleaning. Or more specifically, how easy or difficult were they to be cleaned off after they have served their respective purposes. The onahole used in the pictures below was Kabejiri. If you want to know more about Kabejiri, I had done a review for it a while back and you can read it in the following link below:


Now that we got that out of the way, let’s continue

Left cheek was sprayed with KYO Toy Cleaner, right cheek with KYO Organic Foam Toy Cleaner
Now sprinkled with KYO Maintenance Powder 150 gr.
After washing and drying, there is no residue left over and the onahole is ready to be put back into storage

So in short, easy to wash off and the feeling is so close if not as close as when you started. Now we move on to the respective scores.


  • FEEL 9/10 Feels light, and looks light. Just remember to wash again after waiting a minute or so.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Great price and value.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Washes easy.
  • EFFECTIVENESS 10/10 Removes bacteria and bad smells.
  • EASE OF USE 9/10 One pump and washes off.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%.


  • FEEL 9/10 Easier to see, so it’s harder to forget to wash off.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Also a great price and value.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Washes easy.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: 10/10 Traps particles to easily wash them away.
  • EASE OF USE 9/10 One pump, washes off.

FINAL SCORE:48/50 or 96%.


  • FEEL: 9/10 Feels fine and doesn’t stick to the fingers.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Great product with a great entry price.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Doesn’t stick on when washing or wiping off.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: 10/10 Leaves a soft feeling that pays the user back in kind.
  • EASE OF USE 9/10 Shakes off like your salt and pepper and doesn’t give more than you need per shake.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%.

Goodness, that was a doozy, been a while since I had done a review that differs greatly from my average layout, but it was really exciting and a bit challenging. At the end, I enjoyed it. Now for the products themselves, they added to the experience in ways I had only imagined. Definitely worthy accessories to keep in stock, I’m now not going to want to run out of this stuff.

If you’d like any one or even all of these products for your self, you can find them in the following links:

KYO Maintenance Powder 150 gr (€14.95)$

KYO Toy Cleaner 150 ml (€8.49)$

KYO Organic Foam Toy Cleaner (€9.95)$

I want to once again thank MotsuToys for sending me these wonderful products, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. I hope to see you all again soon.


KYO 7 Sins – 7 Kilo Pleasure Hip

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Hello everyone. How’s it going? Hope all is good and not too dull. It’s that time again. That time where I would like to present another wonderful onahole from my friends over at

Tonight’s onahole is quite a unit of lifelike flesh called KYO 7 Sins. And it is quite a big onahole, even bigger than some onahips I have reviewed on here. But enough of my past experiences, let’s talk about this recent experience.

MotsuToys (€249.95) $ (€249.95) (€249.95)


Oh boy is this a huge box.
That’s right: 7 Kgs (15.4 lbs) of Pleasure.
Also included on the box is what looks like classical pieces of art. I’m no art expert, but it appears to be from a certain time period. Couldn’t tell you from what paintings were used here or by who.
A closer look at the art wheel.
No kidding…


Oh goodness, Styrofoam. Great for protection during shipping, but quite loud in the middle of the night.
The blocks were taped together, keeping the contents stable.
Pardon my language here but God damn, that is a dump truck booty! So far, it looks like what I had imagined.
Great molding. It got cracked on the way it looks like. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
I haven’t felt this excited in a long time. Heck, I’m even more excited than I have ever been, relating to onaholes of course.


I am reminded of a quote from a fan made parody that was copyright claimed by the company who owns the characters that were parodied in said fan made parody. It goes something likes this: “…Looking like a double wide surprise…*inhale* Goddamn…!”.

Anyways, back to talking about the onahole.

Such detail on the pussy lips. Including thighs is a nice touch too.
Also included is a fully usable anus with tunnel. this just keeps getting better and better.
I’ll be honest: I really thought for a moment this was another entrance. Maybe if you are brave or horny enough, you could stick yourself inside, but I believe it’s for easier washing and cleaning.


Again, so much detail. you can really see the shape, color and entrance of the pussy and the pucker of the anus.

Starting off with the the pussy. Sliding in was easy and accommodating. I didn’t slip out and didn’t really need too much lotion to continue moving in and out of the tunnel. I was able to go in deep, hip to hip, penis to vagina close. And continued feeling pleasure throughout use.

Anal tunnel differs from vaginal hole.

Now for the anus, it differs a bit, but not too much from the vaginal tunnel. The only real differences were entrance shape and tunnel texture. Otherwise, what I said about the vagina also applies here.


Here is the part where I usually say “Cleaning up is easy and simple”. But guess what: I actually ran into a problem with cleaning up. I knew this onahole was quite large, but I didn’t think my sink would be too small to properly wash this onahole. I had to use a cup and pour the water into the tunnels. Thankfully that was the only problem as the wiping and drying part was still easy. So I am not blaming the onahole on this: I just need to adjust my routine a little bit.


  • FEELING: 10/10 Feels soft and really gets you to climax within a matter of minutes, if not sooner.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 The material used was superb. The material inside and out are soft and stimulating at the same time.
  • PRICE: 10/10 It may seem like quite a lot, and depending on your budget, it may be. But please believe me when I say it is a worthy investment, and if your situation is good, get it, you will not regret it.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 Sure, there is no lotion, but it isn’t your first rodeo, you may still have a bottle or two next to your other toys.
  • CLEANING: 9/10 It is better to wash this onahole in your bath/shower room unless you got a deep, wide sink available.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%. Wow, just wow. Easily a contender for top 5, even top 3 in my books. You really feel every inch / centimeter of this onahip, and you may likely find yourself coming back to this onahole. Treat it well, and you will get a lot of mileage.

If you’d like one for your self, you can find it following the link:

KYO 7 Sins

I want to once thank MotsuToys for sending me this wonderful onahole, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. Hope to see you all again soon.


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Here’s something that hasn’t been seen on the blog for a long time: A review brought by a sponsor. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this review was brought to you by the fine folks at They have sent me several products from the brand KYO.

Here is the box (No, not the song).

They really did send me a package! Man, it feels like a while since I said anything like that.

There are quite a number of products included in the box, so I will try to break them down one by one.




First up:

A bag for your onahole. Simple and sturdy.

Not too much needs to be said. It’s good and does the job well.

Next up:

KYO Microfiber Drying sticks. There were two packs.

Cleaning sticks for cleaning and drying out male masturbation toys. There is even a picture for reference.

Just by looking and trying these out, I already like them. They clean onaholes better than my old combination of old chopsticks and paper towels. Unlike those, these sticks can be re used, though I suggest throwing them away after a couple of uses. You know, for hygienic purposes.

Used in conjunction with the next item, I have seen improvement in terms of cleaning and storing:

KYO Drying stick. Dry your pocket pussy after cleaning. Keep it safe and fresh.

Instructions: Drying stick made out of 100% diatomaceous earth. Its porous structure and high content in silica makes it great to attract moisture. The drying sticks will absorb fluids and help to eliminate bacterial growth. Prolong the life of your toys and protect your health by using the Onahole Drying Sticks.

Now I am no geologist and I had to look up diatomaceous (consisting of or abounding in diatoms or their siliceous remains) and diatomaceous earth (basically a sedimentary rock that crumbles to a white powder) and from what I have seen, it just works. It is used in many everyday products like potted plant soil. And its job is to absorb moisture if I’m reading correctly. Anyway, it does just that: absorb fluids and help eliminate the growth of bacteria (this puts me at ease and help protect me from any infections caused by improper cleaning techniques).

Lovely product. I wonder what its followed up by:

KYO Crystal Mouth.

KYO Crystal Mouth is masturbator with dual layer design. The outside layer is soft and stretchy while the inside layer is firmer for a strong stimulating feeling. Always use water-based lubricant when using this toy. Clean and dry after every use.

At first I was confused just what in the world was this (this was before reading the back of course).


Hello There.

Very ghostly and it reminds me of sex toys I have seen early on in my journey down this perverse hobby of mine.

Suprise! it’s actually double sided! Twice the holes, twice the pleasure.

Yeah, that pussy really came out of nowhere for me. I was already excited when I saw the mouth. Once that pussy appeared before me, it was like I had stumbled upon some secret passage.

And now–wait a minute this doesn’t look like a KYO product. Oh well, it was in the box with the others, so here it is, a bonus:

ONDO! NUPU. Spoiler alert: it’s another double sided onahole.

Yeah, you will see soon enough.

That is a sexy pair of DSL, you know what I mean?

The pussy is well shaped, too bad I can’t unsee a certain something. And now you do too, don’t deny it.


Cleaning stick again. You know who makes them now. A name to remember.

A preview of the next section.

It really does the job, no kidding.

Alright, I had shown the products that I can’t put my dick inside of (without being insane). Now on to the holes I can fuck.


First up: KYO Crystal mouth feat. Crystal pussy (why did that remind of Crystal Pepsi?)

There are teeth. Reminds me of an oral onahole or two that I have already reviewed. Also, the tongue is also ghostly.

Those pink spots are the tightest points of the entrances.

Also, when I said it was double sided, I meant it.

The mouth was quite similar to La Bocca Della Verita except after a few inches, around the pink area, it is the tightest. Same story with the vagina. The teeth do not feel hard and uncomfortable. The tongue does not interfere with insertion. The vagina half was well shaped and offered no resistance to my penetration. My one concern that was validated after use was since the onahole has one “tunnel”, the fluids of lotion and semen and what have you (I can only imagine  and shiver in fear what other bodily fluids would come out) would come out the other end. I understand that with one tunnel, those fluids will come out somewhere. At least cleaning is made easier.

Now for the onahole currently known as ONDO! NUPU

Oh yeah! Behind the luscious pair of DSL is two rows of teeth.

The side are shaped to be held.

Also, it kind of looks like two different onaholes got fused together, if you look from a certain angle.

See previous paragraph, much of what I think about Crystal Mouth also applies to NUPU. The one difference is the addition of not just how the lips of both the mouth and pussy look aesthetically, but the feeling of how each lip differs sexually. The mouth wraps loosely about the penis, while the vaginal lips (vulva) wraps a bit more tightly around the crotch. Maybe it was easier to feel those feelings as the parts looked more flesh like as opposed to ghost like.


Cleaning for both onaholes are the same story: Easy made easier with the Cleaning and Drying sticks. Smells cleaner too.


  • FEELING: Crystal Mouth: 8/10 NUPU: 8/10 Similar in feeling. Pretty tight.
  • MATERIAL: Crystal Mouth: 9/10 NUPU: 9/10 Whatever material the onaholes are made of, I really like.
  • PRICE: Crystal Mouth: 9/10 NUPU: 9/10 Though the prices differ slightly, both onaholes are very affordable and you can’t go wrong with either one.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: Crystal Mouth: 10/10 NUPU: 10/10 Both onaholes came with a packet of lotion each. Really good stuff.
  • CLEANING: Crystal Mouth: 10/10 NUPU: 10/10 Both are very easy to clean. No complaints here.

FINAL SCORE: Crystal Mouth: 46/50 or 92%. NUPU: 46/50 or 92%. I really like this type of onahole (oral with lips, tongue and teeth optional, but very much appreciated).

And if you found any of the products interesting and would like to get your hands on a set or two you can find them in the following links. I will see you guys later!

KYO Toy Sack Small
KYO Microfiber Drying Sticks 8X
KYO Quick Drying Stick
KYO Crystal Mouth

Single’s/Valentine’s/Onahole Day Part 6: Return from involuntary adulting

Image Source:

Another year, another hindrance to progress. But let’s not focus on the negative here, let’s focus on what really matters: jamming dicks into (lifelike) holes. But we;re not doing that yet. For now, I’d like to show my collection of onaholes and accessories, like I’ve been doing year after year. The collection feels smaller for some reason (It’s still a chore to arrange it like I do, but I do it out of love…and horniness, for the onaholes of course.)

Collection is as of February 2020.

Another year, another “Yes, I know I am behind”. I really got to get to explaining soon. Because that’s not happening here, that’s for sure.

Re-reading last year’s post, I did say something similar to my collection feeling smaller. I take it back. I didn’t mean to deceive.

Shot was almost perfect. Don’t have time to redo. Hope you understand.

One thing I like about doing this is it reminds me that I still have some onaholes that I forgot about, and still would forget if I didn’t already review them (in most cases).

“I’m a little behind, but I hope I get caught up and am able to bring more to review and use.” That quote remains true. How did that happen? I don’t know.

As I have been saying, have fun, don’t hurt anyone and happy fapping. Enjoy the day and night with either you alone or with someone you love and care for romantically and/or sexually. You are all responsible adults I’m sure.