Taimanin Asagi Zero Miseijyuku no Bijyo

Image Source: https://www.motsutoys.com/taimanin-asagi-zero-miseijyuku-no-bijyo.html

Hello, it’s ya boy, once again checking in with the latest in onaholes and accessories. And once again, I bring you a wonderful onahole from my friends over at Motsutoys.com.

Tonight’s onahole is based on a popular eroge series that was also turned into several spinoffs as well as hentai and live action adaptions: Taimanin. I believe there are also several other games, like a mobile gacha game and a card battle game to name a few. For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s about the Taimanin, a group of superhuman magical ninjas who are trained to fight and eliminate corruption and injustice from both demons and evil humans alike. So basically a huge crime-fighting force. And as you may have guessed, the series hits several fetishes and niches, like bodysuits and tentacles being common to hardcore fetishes like mind break and rape. I even started watching the hentai (been in my downloads all this time, what a time to start right? Though I had watched some of the spinoffs, so I’m excited to see where it all started). Bottom line: I recommend the series, but you probably didn’t come here to hear hentai / eroge recommendations, you want to hear about the onahole, and this onahole in particular (yes, of course there are several, why not?).

Motsutoys (€49.95) $

ToyDemon ($43.95) $

OtonaJp ($38.16) $

https://www.abangsextoys.com/PXPXP-taimanin-asagi-zero-onahole (RM198.00)


As you may have guessed, our character tonight is Asagi Igawa, poster girl for this series and all round hot ninja babe.
Cross section. Showing three points.
I guessing this is the bio with some artwork and information on the character.
Now this is a welcome surprise: the outfit is molded on to the onahole. You don’t usually see that, but it depends on theme and manufacturer.


The usual contents in an onahole box.
No you are not seeing things: this is a packet of lotion, not a condom. Though that would be interesting to see happen one day.
The onahole itself is double bagged.


Like I mentioned earlier, the outfit is molded on the onahole. Nice attention to detail I got to say.
Quite shapely.
It may be hard to see, but even the sides of the outfit were molded. They’re a kind of mesh design.
More mesh here.
Kind of looks to be a tighter fit, right? Well it depends. It’s great either way.


The tunnel of the onahole.

Right, now that I have finished appreciating the aesthetic,for now at least, let’s get back to the review. The vaginal tunnel was not a tight fit in my experience. The nub-like texture really added to the pleasure as I could feel it against my member. Gripping and handling were no problems, and I believe the breasts played a part in that.


Cleaning was easy and hassle free. Just water and towels.


  • FEELING: 9/10 The tunnel really holds you firmly and you can feel the texture.
  • MATERIAL: 9/10 Soft to the touch and easy to hold on to.
  • PRICE: 9/10 Price is varied online and there are several good sources to purchase from.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 Having a lotion packet is great, but a packet of lotion that looks like a condom is pretty interesting.
  • CLEANING: 10/10 Easy to wash and clean.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. Great onahole, great collaboration. I also find onaholes based on IPs or people really interesting, usually works out well in my opinion and my previous experiences. These companies do not disappoint.

If you’d like one for your self, you can find it following the link:

Taimanin Asagi Zero Miseijyuku no Bijyo

I want to once thank MotsuToys for sending me this wonderful onahole, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. I Hope to see you all again soon.