Serious lotion(Honkijiru) 360mL by Magic Eyes

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told you guys It wouldn’t be too long before another review goes up (or something to that effect)

Anyway, another lotion/lubricant review.

Serious Lotion:


Toydemon ($18.95, now $13.95)$

MyOnahole (¥850 JPY) $

(couldn’t find it anywhere else, though I’m sure it’s out there somewhere no thanks to search engines)

Dimensions: L x W x H: 8 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm (~3.15″ x 1.18″ x 1.18″) (Side note: anyone know if they the linked site uses inches or centimeters for their dimensions?)

This is the “normal” version of the same lotion that came with Seductive Juicy Tits: the Hole. The only differences I felt with this compared to the MILF version (with the same onahole for the sake of the comparision) was this was a little stickier to the touch, a bit runnier (in a good way). the drops of lotion came out bigger, the bottle was 360ml (~12.17 oz) compared to 120 ml (~4.06 oz) and the bottle was a bit difficult to open and the squirt nozzle thing (does this qualify for Buffy Speak for any tropers out there) was covered with two seals I guess? (Edit: Why are you writing this? Also, you mean the opening? And you have not read enough to properly use that.) I had a video of me opening it, but it was horrible and unusable (besides, I needed both hands to open this thing and no way to properly prop my phone) The plastic wrap on the top/cover was not as difficult to rip. Aside from this minor complaint, the product was good.

Now the lotion itself. Besides a more than enough amount (for me anyway) to put in your onahole or on your penis coming out, the experience was largely the same. Though to be honest, I wanted it to end sooner, so I can come here and write about it. That and my struggle to either not masturbate too much or to not masturbate without using an onahole or lotion at least (gotta save some of that energy and mood for this). The lotion was retained, the feeling was well lubricated, and pleasure was greatly felt while using an onahole. From what I read, this lotion works best with Magic Eyes onahole. (A preview for the future perhaps?) It’s supposed to use and take advantage of the interior of those onaholes; I’ll find that out another time. read: not next time (sorry).

Score Time

  • FEEL: 9/10 Similar feel to lube, score is the same
  • MATERIAL: 9/10 whatever it is works
  • PRICE: 10/10 IT CAN BE YOURS FOR ONE EASY PAYMENT OF $19.95 PLUS SHIPPING & HANDLING (score because I could make that reference and because I enjoyed it.)
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 Three times the bottle, there times the points (no, I wish I could do that, but it would break my point scaling)
  • EASE OF USE: 7/10 lost points because of annoying packaging.

FINAL SCORE: 44/50 or 88%. The packaging ruined an otherwise exceptional product.

Now I go again with no idea what I’ll do on this site. Hint: error checks of many kinds. And another outlet for sexual energies.

Till then.

Seductive Juicy Tits-The Hole by Tamatoys

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Hello everyone, how is everything.

Me? Good, good. Life happened. Yeah…

Well, I won’t bore you all with the details, let’s get to our topic today/tonight: Booty!

Lemmy face

That’s right, I am back! And I will discuss anal onaholes. Like many onaholes, it is shaped to a women’s (or man’s, no judgement here) anus/butt/booty/ass/culata/尻/arse whatever you call it. Bottom line: the entrance and inside is designed to simulate anal pentration. 


Our product:

Toydemon (was $35.95, now $20.95) $ (404)

Dimensions: 5.25″ x 2.75″ x 2.25″ (~14.61 cm x ~6.99 cm x ~5.72 cm)

And I gotta say: wow…really blew my mind (and my load sorry, couldn’t resist.)


(Did the resizing work? It was smaller originally. Also, couldn’t get a better picture) Never mind that, I did find a good image.

The blurry image was supposed to show the insides of the onahole. Anyway, this was the anal onahole I tried. And I like every minute of it; also, I use onaholes again, kind of been too lazy lately.


The entrance was easy to enter; this come as a real surprise (excitement and expectations really can make a man hard I guess combined with the fact that it looks kind of small ). The bump past the entrance (I don’t want to think what that could be, until the butt is supposed to feel like that, I wouldn’t know.) really add to the experience and pleasure. A choke point is in the middle (risky for many, but executed well here. A 3D textured chamber ends the penile exploration into this onahole; don’t know too much about that.The onahole stretches like many do as well; a standard rule I’m guessing.


The size of the onahole is decent, sized to be gripped during use. Also has breasts, I thought they looked a little saggy (but since it’s supposed to be a MILF and it’s based on the hentai manga called Seductive Juicy Tits (surprised?)and was adaped into a live-action JAV (that surprised me), I guess this design choice made sense.) Now that I think about it, I like the design. The manga artist is Toguchi Masaya by the way. Never read one of his work, now I’m interested.


The onahole also comes with a 120 mL (~4.06 oz) bottle of Serious lotion MILF version (don’t know about the original version I may have the original version,I’ll get into it another night, but this one is retained by the onahole, which is a plus.) Apparently it’s a limited edition onahole (as of this writing, is still being sold.)

So, let’s wrap this up

  • FEEL: 9/10 Wonderful feel; it’s firm
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 The firmness makes it feel stimulating
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 9/10 currently on sale in one of the links and regular price on the other is not much more, so great time to buy one.
  • ADDITION/BONUSES: 9/10 120 mL lotion included is one of the bigger inclusions with an onahole.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50. 92% I have now learned how to love the booty.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Song and video do not belong to me and is of the original content creator’s (Someone else’s in other words)

Hope it don’t too long to post another review. Again, it’s great to be back.