Tokyo Honey by Merci

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There are times when a man goes to a  foreign country to soul search, meets a beautiful girl, gets acquainted, and ends up in bed with her. The story continues to unfold, he looks back years later, reminiscing. An international love, where words didn’t matter, actions did, like two ships passing each other for the night.

This is not that kind of story. This is a story that’s less…romanticized. Less travel, more foreign object of pleasure. A can-like object with a sexy not sexy picture.

ToyDemon ($5.95, now $3.95) $ (8,01 €)

These soda advertisers really want their consumers to be thirsty, in both senses of the word.

Obviously, this is not a can of soda. This is a onahole in a can (obviously). And yes, this must be an older one due to the early computer generated girl. Or maybe it’s a cheaper design, which may be more likely.

TMW you threw away the onahole/box too early and now have no idea what the text says.

moving on:

It may be hard to see: but the can has what looks likes several train lines map. Might be based on actual Japanese train line maps? Several real life places are used.

A loli girl. Is this a reference to sex tourism? Hey, whatever gets you off, I guess. As long as it ain’t illegal.

Merci. Also a somewhat clearer image of train lines.
There is a little hole under this sticker. Maybe to simulate some sucking action when used?

I also noticed the rim looks like building lights in a city. Maybe where you met this girl in the middle of a city at night? Kind of like Sei Yariman Gakuen Nikki? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Feels like your run of the mill cheaper, disposable onahole. Comes pre-lubricated. The lube washes out when cleaning it.

The foam that covers the entrance. Already lubed when I opened it.


  • FEEL: 6/10 Past the foam and what I can feel of the onahole feels good.
  • MATERIAL: 5/10 Material used in disposables.
  • PRICE: 7/10 Decent price.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Coming pre-lubed is great. No news about adding more being of any benefit.
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 Simple to use. Only drawback is the lube washes away.

FINAL SCORE: 35/50 or 70%. Nothing special, but it does the job. Will any one cum soon? Who knows?

Lip Doll by Muni

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From one plastic box to another, we come by another one. Oral this time. Same theme: schoolgirl doing sexual activities to the user’s genitals.

ToyDemon ($11.95, now $9.95) $

Measurements: L x W x H (5.75 in x 1.75 in x 1.75 in) or (~14.61 cm x 4.44 cm x 4.44 cm) Weight: ~5 oz or 140.6 grams.

Same story as Innocent Maki; small, schoolgirl themed and comes in a clear plastic box. Also lighting may be kind of glaring. I’m starting to notice a pattern here. Would you say there’s some consistency here (unless me, the past few months. Joke aside…)


Only the front and back have anything interesting on this box.

I don’t know much about the makers of the onahole: Muni. Must be a newcomer to the onahole scene. Or at least a newcomer in terms of international release.(edit: Muni’s international was early 2016. The onahole is from their summer line.)

Schoolgirl is also cute, but not so petite (not a problem, just an opinion.) And yes, this onahole have a kind of teeth-like part in the mouth. It feels the same as the rest of the inside of the onahole.

Comes with a (vial?) of lotion. Certainly different, I’m sure it will feel at the very least adequate.

Feels…a little tighter than the other oral onaholes I have tried before. Makes sense due to it’s smaller size. I can at least insert myself inside, which is a benefit that usually gets mentioned for either unusual or particularly bad onaholes.

Upon closer look, I’m reminded of some generic RPG monster/retro hentai creature that, in this case violate the heroine with it’s mouth before the big dicked monster comes in and violates the heroine/love interest. The hero is either bound and forced to watch this go down or he is being seduced by the sexy witch/sorceress. And you’re here imagining that aren’t you?

TL;DR: mouth pussy looks like rapist monster

Side note: did I just vaguely describe a hentai or just mix together a bunch of tropes? Not even I know which is it. Long time reader may know tangents happen occasionally.

The onahole may be tight, but it can do this at least.

The answer to the question: What that mouth do though? (what dat mouf do dough?)


  • FEEL: 8/10 Unlike Innocent Maki, this stretches to accommodate the penis
  • MATERIAL: 7/10 Material still feels the same though
  • PRICE: 7/10 Affordable, but not too special.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 The lotion comes in a little bottle. I’ve only seen this in bigger/pricier onaholes.
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 Also simple.

FINAL SCORE: 40/50 or 80%. Have not been feeling burned or chapped after using, but I feel there is more to be desired when used. Still Alright though.

I’d say more, but (assuming I do this right) there will be more pretty soon. See you all later.