Reira Akane + by EXE

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You remember what I really like? Can you name one thing? More specifically, what happens to the body after prolonged exposure to sunlight or lights? If you said melanoma, I have this to say: you’re not wrong, but I meant way before that happens and is sexier than that (which is not at all, but is better in ways more than relative). It also appears a swimsuit of sorts is involved, and no, I am not re-posting Excited at Body-Yu Sakura, which I just realized that this onahole is also made by EXE (seriously, a coincidence, no joke.) The theme is very similar, more than I originally thought when I start the review. Maybe I am re posting…no wait, there are still some differences, as you will see.

Enough bush beating (unless it’s that kind of bush), Once again, here is a somewhat related onahole review to give the summer season a last who-rah (a celebration is what I mean).

Pay no mind to the light in the middle. Still trying to figure how to get the lighting right. Caption:Whatever your desire for Lust lead you be sure to find the one you will enjoy, free and ejaculate.

Also, a lot of onahole poetry. This will be fun, won’t it?

ToyDemon ($24.95, now $20.95) $ ($55) (HK $220) (59,90 EUR) ($35.28)

Measurements (LxWxH) (6″ x 3.5″ x 3″) or (15.24 cm x ~8.90 cm x 7.62 cm)

So yes, once again, I bring the combination of tans and swimsuits to the site. although here we see a…higher level if you will. (Side note, I would have liked to see the swimsuit that left those tan marks.)

Utterly Brilliant, Marvelously Demoralizing, Grossly intimidating the Fantastically produced erotic extreme entertainment for the Twenty First Century grown ups.

Seriously, more poetry/flavor text than your average box.

Utterly Brilliant, Marvelously Demoralizing, Grossly  intimidating the Fantastically produced erotic extreme entertainment for the Twenty First Century Grown ups.
Whatever your desire for lust lead you be sure to find the one you will enjoy, free, feel and ejaculate

Two different ones is still more than average (I swear there was more).


Something that seems so cliche works well here:

No breasts or abs here, but it more than makes up for those.

the old “tube made of some soft material with an entrance that looks like a vagina” works well here. I also received a bonus with this onahole that I’m sure happened because they ordered it from like Amazon (the site I purchased from has since removed the item from their shop, and another one has since run out of stock. To be fair, this onahole was released back in 2014)

Pretty sure this a western made item, so you can ignore it now.
It looks small, but expands quite well.
Oh yeah, this packet of lotion (guessing 15ml (~0.51 oz)?) was included. No images, just the words excellent (smaller text) natural.

This onahole, I would say it’s better than the more affordable, similar onaholes (this one I found was around the same price range, so bonus there).

I’d praise more, but I want to rate right now.

  • FEEL: 9/10 Soft, the wrinkles help with gripping.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 Again soft. but longer than Yu Sakura.
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 10/10 price is varied, maybe due to lack of availability?
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Well the lotion doesn’t lie…
  • EASE OF CLEANING: 9/10 small entrance makes water and less likely to enter with stretching.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. I was entertained in both senses of humor and sexual relief.

“The visual stimulation of the box and the fact that swimsuits are making their seasonal return makes for a real orgasm-inducing combination.”

Maybe this will continue to be a thing? Who knows, I hope it can be.

Long Slide by A-One

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Welcome, how’s your sex life? Bagged any pretty girls or boys?

…You know what…never mind, it’s alright. You have the right to keep that private. I also have the right to keep mine private, but…well…we’re here and you know the drill.

However, what is not usual is what happened related to sex lives: multiple penises or…well please read on.

Back to a certain member of the male anatomy, it was more like a flesh and blood penis (guess where) and a onahole disguising itself as a penis with a partial scrotum or a very soft dildo disguising itself as a onahole. (I really do wonder if the latter exists, maybe somewhere online it is there.)

As for the former, this exists.

CoolMaleSexToy ($14.99, now $12.99) $
ToyDemon ($14.95, now $13.95) $ (US $27) (US $24.99)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (7″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″) or (~17.8 cm x 3.81 cm x 3.81 cm)
Weight (~5 oz or ~141.75 grams)

Look at this thing!


A long ghost dick

Yes, you are seeing correctly: that glare do not entirely censor the silhouette’s bright penis. No, I’m talking about the man gripping is the head of his penis at almost arm’s length. Also, the testicles are covered by the onahole.

Comes with an unbranded lotion packet. Probably a generic provided by A-One. Amount unknown, I’m guessing ramen flavor packet size.

Now, before I continue move your eyeballs to the following image below:

just unwrapped the onahole, and it looks like it may have been used. Hope I don’t contract an STD. Imagine: getting an STD from masturbating.

Right, back to the review and away from life changing health issues. The opening is “wide” and here is why.

You see it now? It’s designed to cover more than the penis (like I said multiple times already).

This onahole is part of a series of 4 onaholes released back in 2014. In fact, this model was originally released in the summer of 2014 while the rest of the series has been release every summer after (so far).

I would show how it fit me, but I don’t have a picture and surprise surprise, I’m shy. Instead, I’ll describe it. At first,  felt inadequate due to it being longer than my dick. And stroking it felt loose at the second half of the Slide (the part I don’t reach naturally). I didn’t really enjoy it until I looked at the box (look at the back yourself). I stretch the loose part and felt stretching. It felt like some suction like sensation. The cover didn’t feel like it covered my balls, maybe if it were cooler, it would. Another thing is the smell, like more affordable onaholes, but not as bad (I’m used to it unless it gets on my hands, which it did and smelled it as I was going to sleep). Besides the suction, it felt as stimulating as a cheaper onahole (which isn’t that bad). And the tip has a little opening: can fit only one finger in it, so no docking action here.

Rating this now:

  • FEEL: 9/10 Sliding in is easy when lubed up.
  • MATERIAL: 8/10 Material is stimulating enough.
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 9/10 Varied.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Packet of lotion no picture? At least it does the job.
  • EASE OF CLEANING: 9/10 That urethral like opening eases in draining the water. Cleaning everything else is a little harder, but still not a huge problem.

FINAL SCORE: 43/50 or 86%. I had a blast with this. I used a phallic like sex toy and still feel great, more experienced. Can probably be used as a dildo cover, but I used it for straight up pleasure.

Is that cum or an imitation? The world may never know.

Next time, more hetero onaholes (unless I find something else). I leave you with that thought.