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Hello all, it’s me again, smile on my face because things are starting to look up and I hope things are also looking up on your end. I’m also smiling for another reason that we will get to shortly.

On that note, welcome back, I have something different for you all tonight, once again from my friends over at And once again, it’s not an onahole, but rather a new way to experience your onaholes, fulfilling more of your fantasies that you may not have known. What I’m talking about is the KYO Plush Doll, a body that holds your onaholes and and it’s soft and…will let’s just move on to the actual review shall we?

Side note: Once again, the format may need to be changed to accommodate. So I ask once again that you please bear with me.

MotsuToys (€199.95) $


Wow! Just stunning. It really gets my creative juices flowing.
*Whistle* My goodness, this doll is quite large.
Now on to the insertion hole: the lining is soft. And the form factor is aesthetically pleasing.
What you see during one of the many positions you can do with this doll.
Also included are drawstrings to tighten and grip your onahole.


An example of how to use this doll with your onahole

Before I tell you about how this doll and the onahole feels during use, I gotta say, this doll is soft to the touch, living up to the plush part of the name. I can see myself using this doll as a pillow, keeping me warm throughout the night after a good nut. The doll is also very light and easy to carry and move. One last thing I’ll say, this doll that carry your average adult’s weight, meaning you can go wild on this doll should you choose to do so.

Alright, now on to how this doll had enhanced my experience with the onahole I had selected. You can read all about that onahole via the following link:

Gokusai Uterus Duo

Side note / tangent: I had noticed not all the onaholes I had tried could really fit inside the doll tunnel. I even tried wrapping one end of deveral onaholes with a plastic bag that the onaholes come in, like it’s suggested. Turns out onaholes on the more slender side work best (your pocket pussy style), due to the bit of extra pressure the doll adds to the onahole. So far, I have found two onaholes in my collection had worked, and I’m still looking to see how many more onaholes will work with the dolls.

Okay, now we get to the experience, I promise, just had to get that observation out. Now using the onahole while inserted into the KYO plush doll, it really made a difference. Inserting myself, hands free into the onahole really helped me feel every curve and pattern a lot easier. Having to just focus on ol’ in out in out in addition to the added pressure really gave me a new appreciation for the onaholes I had previously used and reviewed (well the ones that fit of course). Also the change in elevation and even the angle was really a game changer. Finally, being able to easily change position during the session and holding the outer material really gave a sense of heat, bringing the experience just a bit closer to a real person (You can bring the experience even closer with putting on a wig and panties on the doll).


While resistant to tears, the doll that get dirty just let any other plushie. Thankfully cleaning the doll is quite easy: a washcloth, some warm water and either a toy cleaner or a mild soap can clean both the outside as well as the tunnel (the material inside the tunnel can be pulled inside out). And for drying, just let it air dry. Once dried up, put away in a bag and you’re done.


  • FEEL 9/10 Soft, easy to hold and can even function as a (body)pillow or cushion, this doll’s usefulness doesn’t end at just enhancing your favorite onahole.
  • PRICE: 10/10 While comparable pricewise to a high end onahole, this doll is really worth it. Due to be able to change the insert, this doll can function as any one of your more slender onaholes while adding size.
  • CLEANING: 9/10 Simple to clean and you don’t need to overthink it.
  • EFFECTIVENESS 9/10 Being able to change your position really improves your session.
  • EASE OF USE 10/10 Light and durable.

FINAL SCORE: 47/50 or 94%.

Once again, this new modification to my format is challenging. I liked the challenge. Now on to the doll, I had no big idea just how large this doll was going to be. The form factor allowing it to safely do used outside of your session was a nice bonus. And dressing this doll up is in no way emasculating. Dress the doll up how you want and go as wild as you’d like, the pleasure is worth it.

If you’d like any one of these dolls for yourself, you can find them in the following links:

(Coming back in stock soon enough, I’m sure. Available for pre-order at the time of writing).

KYO Plush Sex Doll

I want to once again thank MotsuToys for sending me this wonderful product, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. I hope to see you all again soon.