Mr. Bear’s Honey Lotion 120ml by Tamatoys

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Pixelated image edited by me. Original version of image from :

Hello Everyone,

Last time…

Next time: a special cameo


I promised this previously and I intent to fulfill this promise. You may enter now special guest.


Come now, don’t be shy, no one will hurt you.


…fine. Time to bring another cameo in to bring in the first cameo in. Commence…Now!

A spoiler
Pixelated for spoilers

Hey! How are you? You good? You Liked that? Good to hear. So, what can you tell me about this product?


Pedobear: <It looks like a small bottle of honey. And it looks like the mascot looks like me.>

Oh, you’re right, the mascot does resemble you.


Pedobear: <Looks tasty. You review these kinds of things?>

Actually yes, I do. And no, I don’t think it tastes good. let me break down why. ($9.95)

Pedobear: <You mind if I stick around for this?>

Not at all, stay if you like.

You too. Pixelated character I will not reveal the name of yet. You may stay.

Anyways, on to the review.

Dimensions: L x W x H (4.75″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″) (~12.07 cm x ~4.45 cm x ~4.45 cm) 120 ml (~4.06 oz) bottle

Despite looking like Mr. Pedobear here, it’s supposed to be the mascot of Japan’s 2 CH (2chan perhaps?). The lotion is for onaholes, not eating despite looking a lot like real honey. Squeezes out like honey though a hole under the cap. Made by Tamatoys, the makers of many anime based parody onaholes and accessories. Looks and feels great when used on an oral onahole (You can guess which one I used). (Also,  forget to take a picture before and after use, the latter of which may be too gross to actually do.) Though it do feels better than putting actual honey on your genitals and onaholes (feels less sticky, easier to wash off, no honey scent, which I found disappointing, and the fact that the design can cause laughter).

Bottom line: I found it went best with my Superb Fella 3.


  • FEEL: 7/10 I found little difficulty finishing with this.
  • MATERIAL: 8/10 Good material.
  • PRICE: 10/10 Low price, good lotion
  • ADDITION/BONUSES: 8/10 It should be a bonus for Tamatoys’ onaholes
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 No difficulty cleaning up with this

FINAL SCORE: 42/50 or 84%. Not a bad product, it’s too bad it may not be in production at this time.

I would like to thank my guests: Mr. Pedobear

Pedobear: <It was great to be here>

and my guest who you will all be fully acquainted with in time.

Next time something really wanted to talk about since I began earlier this year. See you then!

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