The Other Side of Tits by Prime

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Before I get to the review, there was another situation where my onahole boxes got wet and warped. On the topic, one of the boxes was unaffected due to still being in its plastic wrap. The picture will prove it.

With that aside, welcome to my perverted blog that reveals my masturbation habits and what I find arousing (my curiosity, what were you thinking?)

(…Crap, I’m losing them) uh…tits! Yeah, that’s right: tits, breasts, bazongas, chi chis, oppai, mammaries. That pair of chesticles that tend to stick out of adult women. You may remember that one big box in the background of my “inventory” on Single’s day 2. If not, go and look, I will wait. I’m going to assume you went back and read it, so I can move on.

…After showing the what remains of the box. Don’t worry, there should be more photos of the actual onahole than the box (probably the same amount actually).

Toydemon ($41.95,now $28.95)$ (U.S $51)

Measurements (LxWxH) (5″ x 4″ x 3.25″) or (12.7 cm x 10.16 cm x ~8.26 cm) 1.35 lbs or 22 oz or ~0.61 kg or 625 grams) tunnel dimension (that’s a new one) (LxW) (4.5″ x 0.5″ max, 0.125″ min.) or (11.43 cm x 1.27 cm max., ~0.32 cm min.)

This one


Oppai in the Oppai~…I found my new piece of onahole poetry.
The scissors indicate where to cut to see the inside. Maybe in the future.
Can fit on one hand. Nice.


So yes, it is shaped like a cube. A cube with tits. Also made of a material called “Twinkle Rubbers” interesting.

The holes…
…are actually one hole

And yes, the double sided hole was already there, if the photos of the box didn’t already give it away. And yes, paizuri or a titjob is quite possible to do with this onahole (tip: use lotion). A triple threat if I’ve seen one.

Honestly, for a moment, I thought it was like one of those dummies used in artificial insemination. Yeah, actually, that is a gross thought. Let’s never mention that again, agreed? Good.

Fits quite snugly. If by snugly, I meant erotic.
See, a cube with tits and nipples.

Unlike the Ana Vagiee, I can fit in this double end holed onahole with no problem. The only thing I am careful is making sure the glans is not directly touching the lotion that is irritating (on my penis). But other than that, no complaints. Also, clean up is easier.

Update 5/31/2016: Clean up is easy as long as you don’t angle the onahole during use that cum and lotion drips out. I would have a picture here, but my camera was gone at the time. Just imagine drops of cum mixed with lotion dripping out of the hole that your penis is not currently in.

Comes with a packet of lotion. I’m guessing 15 ml or ~0.51 oz.

Rate time!

  • FEEL: 9/10 Sliding in both holes felt great. Only slightly different on the outside, but the same inside.
  • MATERIALS: 9/10 Twinkle Rubbers. That’s a name…of a great onahole material.
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 9/10 Excellent price wherever you buy it.
  • ADDITIONS: 8/10 The lube was decent,not too different from other lotions I’ve tried.
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10: Clean up is again, easy.

FINAL SCORE: 44/50 or 88%. Despite the relatively underwhelming score, the time I had using this was intense. It brought back memories of A Chan and her little ass. Does tis mean this pair of breasts have longevity? I’d like to think so.

Have a great night, I know I’m about to.

See ya.