Perverted Insult 4 Hole: Akira Elly

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You ever had those experiences where a significant other does some things to spice up the bedroom life? You ever see see those onaholes with multiple holes? (two vagina or a vagina/anal combo just to name a few). Normally there are the two holes. Ones with the occasional three holes also exist (crazy right?). Well what if I told you there is an onahole with four holes? There’s no way that could be possible or at least be good and possible. Well wonder no more, as there is such an onahole.

ToyDemon ($84.95) $
CoolMaleSexToy ($79.99)$ ($139.99)

Dimensions: L x W x H (6″ x 5.5″ x 4.75″) or (15.24 cm x ~14 cm x ~12.07 cm)


Little story here. Back when I first started using onaholes, I had this in mind for my collection. Mostly due to curiosity and how it is designed. I’m glad to finally get my hands on one of these babies.
Well that’s an interesting design.
1.2 Kg (~2.6 lbs) of sexually pleasurable goodness awaits.
Many holes, almost like a real woman


This box is starting to look like a highlight reel (except as photos on the box)


Includes is the onahole and two bottles of lotions (Also not common, you get one bottle if lucky, but usually one packet gets included). Also the box cutter was not supposed to be in the shot, but oh well.
*A-Chan flashbacks*
Lotion for vagina (100 ml) (3.38 oz)
Lotion for anal (100 ml) (3.38 oz)


*flashback over* Now this is where it gets different.

This onahole may remind me of A-Chan due to being a onahip, but that is where the similarities end. As shown by the box and mentioned before, this onahole comes with 4 holes. With your usual vaginal and anal holes, there are two holes that simulate getting a handjob and blowjob respectively.

What I found interesting was that the handjob and fellatio are inside the labial lips near the vaginal hole. Maybe there’s a clever joke there, like the vagina being considered the second mouth or maybe the inside of the vagina can be tight like a grip. Or maybe there is no joke; it was designed like that for function because where else would you put an oral and handjob hole on a onahole designed to look like the crotch region of a woman where you already have the vagina and anus figured out?

Anyways, this design choice intrigued me. Moving on…


The holes are hard to see. I apologize.

The feeling of each hole differed greatly from each other. Vaginal hole was pleated and the anal hole was tight, but felt right once I slid inside. The others holes I felt I could have enjoyed more if I didn’t keep slipping out every other 30 seconds. Maybe it was my position, but it felt a bit awkward using the oral and handjob holes due to them being on the side inside. Positives include the handjob hole being almost as tight as the anal hole (I briefly thought about using the hole without lotion, but sounds like a completely disaster waiting to happen). And the blowjob hole felt almost as good as your standard oral onahole.


Cleanup, oh boy, cleaning may be the one flaw in this onahole. Cleaning for anal: no problem. Cleaning for the other holes: You need to be careful and remember which hole you used. If you do not, water could enter all the holes and now you have to dry every hole now. Though that may not be too bad, seeing as the thee holes leading to one end.


  • FEELING: 10/10 One of the best onaholes I had in years. The variety keeps one coming for a different hole every time.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 So soft to hold and compliments the shape/
  • PRICE: 9/10 While on a bit of the pricier side, it is well worth the investment.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 10/10 Two bottles of lotion of different viscosity for different holes. Just perfect in my book
  • CLEANING: 7/10 Cleaning being a hassle just held this onahole back, but not too much, still not a huge problem in owning this onahole.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. Finally having this onahole reawaken my joy and excitement in onaholes, reminding me why I got into this…hobby in the first place. And I can say I have no regrets. Now results may vary, but that should not stop one from trying one of these onaholes. My day is improved and I hope yours is too.