Groomin Colors (Hibiscus Pink) by Kuumdom

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So, something different. We are reviewing a tube of styling gel.

No, you have not misread that. This is a tube of styling gel.

See? It says grooming on it.
By the look of it, it seems to be an imported gel.


The name: Gröömin Colors. Interesting name I wonder where it comes from. I wonder where this Kuudüm is located. So let’s go ahead and open this bad boy up.

Wait…what is this?
Is this the gel?
Then what is this? An applicator?


It also goes inside out.
Ecolast. Ohh…alright then.

If it was not obvious judging by the look, this is not a tube of gel, this is a “head” massage tool. A.k.a: an onahole. Also, the Ecolast is supposedly this material that is flexible and smooth with no smell (though I do remember that when I first opened this, it feel dusty or gritty at the touch. One good wash before use should suffice to solving this.)

Toydemon ($6.50, now $4.55)$

Coolmalesextoy($6.99)$ ($7.99)

Dimensions L x W x H: (2″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″) or (5.08 cm x 3.81 cm x 3.81 cm)

Weight (0.0625 lb) or (1 oz) or (~28.35 g)

At first, it may seem like any of the other head massager that we have already gone through. In fact, I thought it would not be as stimulating as say the Omanko Monaka.

Turns out I was both right and wrong; instead of a vagina like exterior, I got a  sort of “twist” feeling. Basically, my experience was similar to most of the head massage onaholes. This explaination from Toydemon does it more justice: “Hibiscus Pink is made from the harder version of ECOLAST and comes with a normal lotion. The interior of Hibiscus Pink is much more settle with a slight overlapping flower petal textures. This design better compliment those who like to use a rotational motion in their stoking.”

This is the Hibiscus Pink variant of the full Gröömin Colors set by Kuudöm from their 2014 collection. This onahole is the normal/ nomal/ middle ground of feeling; not soft and not hard.


With not much more to say, we move on to the rating.


  • FEEL: 7/10 though it doesn’t really stand out, orgasm is not too difficult to achieve with this.
  • MATERIALS: 8/10 Ecolast is a good material. I wonder if Kuudöm has improved this material for their later products.
  • PRICE: 9/10 Doesn’t cost much more than any other penis head massage onahole, so that is a good thing despite not standing out too much.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 7/10 Came with a lotion (tab?). It is okay
  • EASE OF USE: 8/10 Clean up is easy. Holding and use is a bit more difficult. I had to hold it between thumb and forefinger and stroke it to use.

FINAL SCORE: 39/50 or 78%. I really don’t think it is that bad. A decent substitute to the more longer, “entire penis” onahole. Also disposable like many others of this kind.