USB Onahole Warmer by Rends

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Hello once again, it’s your pal Wavy here.

Have you ever felt your onahole is simply too cold or lifeless? Especially during these winter months? If only there were a product that could make the experience somewhat more life-like…oh wait, there is something like that.

USB-Onaho-Warmer-300x225 (USD4.63)

Plug this baby in for a minute or two to warm up, pour lube into your favorite onahole, insert this inside, wait about a minute or so while you load up your favorite porn, hentai, or sexual memory, place on crotch, ??? (you know what this is), and profit (orgasm, or positive feelings, maybe both).

Now on to the opinionated  stuff. My experience can be summed up in a few words: It is warm or not heated enough. Though that could be because I am impatient depending if the video is getting good ( what that means is not important). It can plug into either your computer or your usb plug adapter.


Anyways, it can reach to temperatures of 107.5°F (about 42°C for the metric users out there.) I had heard this temperature can melt onaholes or at least ruin them. This is not a fun experience as a onahole I had had done this exact thing and lost stimulation (widens entrance, melts nubs and pleats, may cause rage, etc.), taking me longer to finish, which frustrated me, which took concentration away from the faps. Which makes materials seem to be worse than it normally is.

So watch this during use, and many a happy sessions are ahead of you.

FEEL: 10/10 It slides in just fine inside onaholes, don’t know about other people.

MATERIAL: 8/10 Plastic doesn’t melt itself, therefore it’s good.

PRICE: 10/10 Price doesn’t gouge and it functions beyond it’s price range.

ADDITION/BONUS: 7/10 As good as it is, it is not necessary to use to enjoy onaholes. But then again, is a onahole necessary? (yes and no, but for this blog, it’s a yes).

EASE OF USE: 6/10 Melted onaholes and burning crotches are not fun.

FINAL SCORE: 41/50 or 82%. If it can burn crotch or skinlike material, it must be handled with care.

Also, forgot I wrote about reviewing another onahole, but did another accessory anyway. Oh well, nobody mind, right?

Next time, I do another thing and maybe a review.

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