KYO 7 Sins – 7 Kilo Pleasure Hip

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Hello everyone. How’s it going? Hope all is good and not too dull. It’s that time again. That time where I would like to present another wonderful onahole from my friends over at

Tonight’s onahole is quite a unit of lifelike flesh called KYO 7 Sins. And it is quite a big onahole, even bigger than some onahips I have reviewed on here. But enough of my past experiences, let’s talk about this recent experience.

MotsuToys (€249.95) $ (€249.95) (€249.95)


Oh boy is this a huge box.
That’s right: 7 Kgs (15.4 lbs) of Pleasure.
Also included on the box is what looks like classical pieces of art. I’m no art expert, but it appears to be from a certain time period. Couldn’t tell you from what paintings were used here or by who.
A closer look at the art wheel.
No kidding…


Oh goodness, Styrofoam. Great for protection during shipping, but quite loud in the middle of the night.
The blocks were taped together, keeping the contents stable.
Pardon my language here but God damn, that is a dump truck booty! So far, it looks like what I had imagined.
Great molding. It got cracked on the way it looks like. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
I haven’t felt this excited in a long time. Heck, I’m even more excited than I have ever been, relating to onaholes of course.


I am reminded of a quote from a fan made parody that was copyright claimed by the company who owns the characters that were parodied in said fan made parody. It goes something likes this: “…Looking like a double wide surprise…*inhale* Goddamn…!”.

Anyways, back to talking about the onahole.

Such detail on the pussy lips. Including thighs is a nice touch too.
Also included is a fully usable anus with tunnel. this just keeps getting better and better.
I’ll be honest: I really thought for a moment this was another entrance. Maybe if you are brave or horny enough, you could stick yourself inside, but I believe it’s for easier washing and cleaning.


Again, so much detail. you can really see the shape, color and entrance of the pussy and the pucker of the anus.

Starting off with the the pussy. Sliding in was easy and accommodating. I didn’t slip out and didn’t really need too much lotion to continue moving in and out of the tunnel. I was able to go in deep, hip to hip, penis to vagina close. And continued feeling pleasure throughout use.

Anal tunnel differs from vaginal hole.

Now for the anus, it differs a bit, but not too much from the vaginal tunnel. The only real differences were entrance shape and tunnel texture. Otherwise, what I said about the vagina also applies here.


Here is the part where I usually say “Cleaning up is easy and simple”. But guess what: I actually ran into a problem with cleaning up. I knew this onahole was quite large, but I didn’t think my sink would be too small to properly wash this onahole. I had to use a cup and pour the water into the tunnels. Thankfully that was the only problem as the wiping and drying part was still easy. So I am not blaming the onahole on this: I just need to adjust my routine a little bit.


  • FEELING: 10/10 Feels soft and really gets you to climax within a matter of minutes, if not sooner.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 The material used was superb. The material inside and out are soft and stimulating at the same time.
  • PRICE: 10/10 It may seem like quite a lot, and depending on your budget, it may be. But please believe me when I say it is a worthy investment, and if your situation is good, get it, you will not regret it.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 Sure, there is no lotion, but it isn’t your first rodeo, you may still have a bottle or two next to your other toys.
  • CLEANING: 9/10 It is better to wash this onahole in your bath/shower room unless you got a deep, wide sink available.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%. Wow, just wow. Easily a contender for top 5, even top 3 in my books. You really feel every inch / centimeter of this onahip, and you may likely find yourself coming back to this onahole. Treat it well, and you will get a lot of mileage.

If you’d like one for your self, you can find it following the link:

KYO 7 Sins

I want to once thank MotsuToys for sending me this wonderful onahole, and I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your continued support. Hope to see you all again soon.

Single’s/Valentine’s/Onahole Day Part 6: Return from involuntary adulting

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Another year, another hindrance to progress. But let’s not focus on the negative here, let’s focus on what really matters: jamming dicks into (lifelike) holes. But we;re not doing that yet. For now, I’d like to show my collection of onaholes and accessories, like I’ve been doing year after year. The collection feels smaller for some reason (It’s still a chore to arrange it like I do, but I do it out of love…and horniness, for the onaholes of course.)

Collection is as of February 2020.

Another year, another “Yes, I know I am behind”. I really got to get to explaining soon. Because that’s not happening here, that’s for sure.

Re-reading last year’s post, I did say something similar to my collection feeling smaller. I take it back. I didn’t mean to deceive.

Shot was almost perfect. Don’t have time to redo. Hope you understand.

One thing I like about doing this is it reminds me that I still have some onaholes that I forgot about, and still would forget if I didn’t already review them (in most cases).

“I’m a little behind, but I hope I get caught up and am able to bring more to review and use.” That quote remains true. How did that happen? I don’t know.

As I have been saying, have fun, don’t hurt anyone and happy fapping. Enjoy the day and night with either you alone or with someone you love and care for romantically and/or sexually. You are all responsible adults I’m sure.

Love Style 48

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Since times ancient, humanity had mated for life, creating offspring to carry on the gene pool. Some time later, a book came out, illustrating the many styles of sex, drastically improving  the art of lovemaking.
ToyDemon ($144.95) $ ($139.99, now $119.99) ($140.00 USD)
MotsuToys (€147.95) $ (US $98.00)

Dimensions: L x W x H (9.25″ x 9.25″ x 8″) or (~23.5 cm x ~23.5 cm x 20.32 cm)

Weight: 2.3 kg or 5.07 lbs.


Yep, it is that big!

Top side

Bottom side

6 of the theoretical 48 positions you can do with this onahole. Will update once I try out more positons.

Both a deep vagina hole and a short anal hole


Will you look at that beauty…Almost makes me wish I could just keep it in the plastic, but then I’d be missing out on actually using it. You know, the purpose of the onahole (I can still appreciate the aesthetic while pounding it.

I repeat: beauty…

…and then there is this. A 15ml packet of lotion for an onahole of this size. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

Also, the plastic makes a lot of noise! Can’t really be quiet in the middle of the night with this around.

Like I said, the plastic makes a lot of noise, making trying to store it quietly a nightmare!


Without the plastic, it does not sit up straight, but that doesn’t really take away from how the onahole is. Posture is bad, but sitting position is good. Also in the bag, it kind of reminds me of raw chicken. Great, now I made myself hungry.

What I really like, other than the pussy and ass, is the design of the onahole itself. It feels like an upgrade to an onahip (would that make this an onabody or something)? For example, the breasts, they don’t feel too much like a fantasy, more realistic (scaling wise). Like a petite girl who’s not too flat, not too busty, just the right balance in between. Just like one of them good girls. A real lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.

Magic Eyes’ signature logo, but on the bottom of one foot (Have they watched Toy Story or is it just a coincidence)?


Like a chicken or a turkey just waiting to be stuffed (they are considered birds and in some places, girls are called birds. And stuffing…you can figure it out). I swear I did not use it yet at the time of the photo. I definitely did afterwards of course.

So yes, very…usable, let’s just say. The pose, the possibilities with the pose and the onahole itself…yeah, just great!When I use this onahole, I really feel like some giant being who takes the sacrificial lamb (village girl) to my chambers (room) and just pound it into her. Though small, she can take the size I give her with her vagina. Her ass…not as much, but I can still fit inside a bit. I am left wondering why the anus was not longer, but I think it’s because the onahole (I’m just calling it an onadoll in my mind) would feel thinner in the back. Not a huge problem, as I do appreciate the look of an onahole as well as the functionality.

Like the title implies, this onahole can be used using any of the 48 styles of lovemaking. Kind of like the Kama Sutra, but it’s the Japanese version. The 48 styles originally came from the Edo Period, refelecting that of Sumo wrestling moves. Basically, all of these cool looking sexual positions.

Usually, with an onahole, I’m a missionary / doggy style kind of guy, and trying some of the other position shown on the box, my mind was blown! My new favorite is cowgirl, which reminds me, I used to do that with my onaholes, go to town while lying on my back. Some positions work better than others, like Scissors works, while something like oral, does not (no head and I don’t think many want to taste onahole, and that being for any one of many reasons).

While flexible, some care should be taken, especially around the limbs and hands as they can stretch too much and look ripped, or just separate in the case of the hands.


Cleaning is not a huge problem, just more onahole to fit in the sink to wash away the lotion and jizz (don’t judge me, I’m sure some of you have done that, and I don’t see a problem with doing that, it’s you onahole, you do want you will.) Drying takes a bit more effort, but still not a huge problem.


  • FEELING: 10/10 So much possibility with this onahole. It really almost feels like sex with an actual person
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 So soft and so pleasurable to the touch
  • PRICE: 10/10 Yes, it is one of the more expensive onaholes, but with all you can do with it, I believe the price is more than justifiable.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 7/10 A small packet of lotion, really? Though it is better than nothing, I personally would have paid a bit more if it came with a bottle of lotion, but I’m sure that was done so the onahole would be a bit easier to pack and sell.
  • CLEANING: 8/10 Easy to splash yourself and your sink may not be big enough to contain the whole body.

FINAL SCORE: 45/50 or 90%. Though the onahole is bigger and a bit harder to store, I still would bring this out again and again to enjoy it. I now leave with the interest of trying more positions with this onahole, not knowing if it’s feasible yet, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Perverted Insult 4 Hole: Akira Elly

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You ever had those experiences where a significant other does some things to spice up the bedroom life? You ever see see those onaholes with multiple holes? (two vagina or a vagina/anal combo just to name a few). Normally there are the two holes. Ones with the occasional three holes also exist (crazy right?). Well what if I told you there is an onahole with four holes? There’s no way that could be possible or at least be good and possible. Well wonder no more, as there is such an onahole.

ToyDemon ($84.95) $
CoolMaleSexToy ($79.99)$ ($139.99)

Dimensions: L x W x H (6″ x 5.5″ x 4.75″) or (15.24 cm x ~14 cm x ~12.07 cm)


Little story here. Back when I first started using onaholes, I had this in mind for my collection. Mostly due to curiosity and how it is designed. I’m glad to finally get my hands on one of these babies.

Well that’s an interesting design.

1.2 Kg (~2.6 lbs) of sexually pleasurable goodness awaits.

Many holes, almost like a real woman


This box is starting to look like a highlight reel (except as photos on the box)


Includes is the onahole and two bottles of lotions (Also not common, you get one bottle if lucky, but usually one packet gets included). Also the box cutter was not supposed to be in the shot, but oh well.

*A-Chan flashbacks*

Lotion for vagina (100 ml) (3.38 oz)

Lotion for anal (100 ml) (3.38 oz)


*flashback over* Now this is where it gets different.

This onahole may remind me of A-Chan due to being a onahip, but that is where the similarities end. As shown by the box and mentioned before, this onahole comes with 4 holes. With your usual vaginal and anal holes, there are two holes that simulate getting a handjob and blowjob respectively.

What I found interesting was that the handjob and fellatio are inside the labial lips near the vaginal hole. Maybe there’s a clever joke there, like the vagina being considered the second mouth or maybe the inside of the vagina can be tight like a grip. Or maybe there is no joke; it was designed like that for function because where else would you put an oral and handjob hole on a onahole designed to look like the crotch region of a woman where you already have the vagina and anus figured out?

Anyways, this design choice intrigued me. Moving on…


The holes are hard to see. I apologize.

The feeling of each hole differed greatly from each other. Vaginal hole was pleated and the anal hole was tight, but felt right once I slid inside. The others holes I felt I could have enjoyed more if I didn’t keep slipping out every other 30 seconds. Maybe it was my position, but it felt a bit awkward using the oral and handjob holes due to them being on the side inside. Positives include the handjob hole being almost as tight as the anal hole (I briefly thought about using the hole without lotion, but sounds like a completely disaster waiting to happen). And the blowjob hole felt almost as good as your standard oral onahole.


Cleanup, oh boy, cleaning may be the one flaw in this onahole. Cleaning for anal: no problem. Cleaning for the other holes: You need to be careful and remember which hole you used. If you do not, water could enter all the holes and now you have to dry every hole now. Though that may not be too bad, seeing as the thee holes leading to one end.


  • FEELING: 10/10 One of the best onaholes I had in years. The variety keeps one coming for a different hole every time.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 So soft to hold and compliments the shape/
  • PRICE: 9/10 While on a bit of the pricier side, it is well worth the investment.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 10/10 Two bottles of lotion of different viscosity for different holes. Just perfect in my book
  • CLEANING: 7/10 Cleaning being a hassle just held this onahole back, but not too much, still not a huge problem in owning this onahole.

FINAL SCORE: 46/50 or 92%. Finally having this onahole reawaken my joy and excitement in onaholes, reminding me why I got into this…hobby in the first place. And I can say I have no regrets. Now results may vary, but that should not stop one from trying one of these onaholes. My day is improved and I hope yours is too.

La Vie En Roses

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*sniff* flowers? In winter?

Oh! It’s there are flowers at home.

But it’s not those flowers…what could it be?

I know! It’s got to be La Vie En Roses (not to be confused with the 1947 French song by the singer Édith Piaf) (And yes, I just went there). Also La vie en Roses, I hear that translates to Life in pink. Vous apprenez quelque chose de nouveau dans les endroits les plus etranges, right? Also that last sentenace may have caused some confusion and I apologize for that.

ToyDemon ($45.95) $
CoolMaleSexToy ($42.99) $
MotsuToys (€54.95) $

Dimensions: L x W x H (6.75″ x 4.5″ x 3″) or (~17.15 cm x 11.43 cm x 7.62 cm)

Weight: 700g or ~24.7 oz

Coming from the maker Magic Eyes, they went with a rose motif for this onahole. Reminds me of an alraune (a plant based monster girl).

The Package

Well it’s more of a combination of a flower surrounded by flowers.

Something rare about this onahole: Both holes meet into a single tunnel in the end.


Now see, this was what I was talking about. A woman coming out of a flower (A pink rose in this case?).

There’s a notice inside the box?

It’s time’s like this that I wish I had kept at least part of the box. But it appears to be a list of elements.


The Product

Included in the box is the onahole itself and your standard 15 ml (~0.51 oz) packet of lotion.

Would you look at that vulva


Even Magic Eyes’ mark is here.


In my experience, I had a lot more luck with the vagina than with the anus. The onahole itself will hold on to your member and retain lotion. With its weight of 700g, it is one of the more bigger onahole before getting into onahip territory. Since both holes lead to one tunnel, half of the enjoyment is entering.


Clean up is really easy and simple; running water and dry with a towel or cloth.


Look past the small anus (Must be really good if it’s kind of difficult to enter), you will not regret your decision to buy and use this onahole.

  • FEEL: 7/10 That tight ass is holding this onahole from it’s full potential, the vagina, however, saves this onahole from a low score
  • MATERIAL: 8/10 Soft to the touch, easy to grip.
  • PRICE: 9/10 Varied prices mean success in various levels.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 8/10 Lotion packet: Good.
  • CLEANING: 9/10 Easy clean up, easily good in my book.

FINAL SCORE: 41/50 or 82%. The theme and the design of this onahole pleases both the eyes and the groin. Can’t go wrong with this flower girl.

Kabejiri by Magic Eyes

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Warning: Though this post may come off as political, I am here to assure you that that is not the case, I was just some stupid joke I though of long before I got this onahole. With that out of the way:

Welcome my readers both both long term and newcomers!

How have you all been? Good I hope, things going your way and all.

So…wait, I’ll bring it up in a moment. But first:

ToyDemon ($54.95) $
CoolMaleSexToy ($59.99, now 50.34) $ ($58.00)
MotsuToys (€77.95) $ ($70.00) ($32.48) ($150.00)

Weight: 1.2 kg or 2.65 lbs.

Dimensions: L x W x H (5″ x 5.5″ x 4″) or (12.7 cm x ~14 cm x ~10.2 cm)

So, if the banner didn’t make it obvious enough (why should it? It’s mostly likely a stupid joke that may have gone too political), this should:

Semi-related question: Is it really annoying for the saran wrap to still be included in the pictures of the box? Not included: A pair of panties. The box had me believing panties were included.

Yep, that’s right: Wall…Ass…trapped girl! A really nice ass. You can really get a handful of anime girl ass here.

The wall around the girl isn’t the wall here.

This isn’t your garden variety onahole girl. This is more like the seedy part of town wallbound pussy onahole (or a really strong but really clumsy anime girl. How she got there, we may never know. I theorize it as a girl who was training for the sport of Keijo, only explanation I can think of.) Either way, you have a pseudo meat toilet (cum dumpster actually, please don’t piss inside, that’s disgusting and I’m sure it would damage the inside, but hey, you like that, you do you, I certainly will do the same.)

This is not a lightweight onahole. This is some strong wall ass and pussy. The strength surrounds the holes as well.

Girl’s got some (plastic) bone. Normally the onaholes are b o n e l e s s, but whatever. I’m guessing this is to hold the shape of the pussy and separating the pussy of the asshole. I think it works out well.

Even the plastic bone is shown.

*tear* so…beautiful. So soft. So clean. I’m going make a mess out of it aren’t I? Answer: Most likely yes!

*unzips* You can get it! Also A-chan Ass flashbacks. Weird, like thinking about your ex when you are about to sleep/smash with your new girlfriend/lover weird. Also the vagina has a clitoris shown on a kind of string outer entrance.

The ass is also very usable unlike A-Chan’s Little Ass. Funny, because using the ass reminded me of A-Chan. The pussy on the another felt like it’s own thing. The plastic wall hold the pussy together, making the feeling not too tight, meaning it can certainly take the stretching from penetration. As of this writing, the clitoris is still around, so still tight. And again, durable.

Ways to use it. I can tell from personal experience that all the ways fell different and satisfying.

Folded out box. You can kind of see the girl’s legs. Doesn’t add too much.

Score time:

  • FEEL: 10/10 Both the pussy and ass feel heavenly. Reminds me that there was an onahole similar to this a few years ago. But I’m guessing this one is a lot better.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 Soft yet firm at the same time.
  • AVERAGE PRICE 10/10: Kind of pricey in same places. Is it that rare? I guess I got this before the price increase. Worth it if you can find it.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUS: 8/10 Unless I’m wrong, no lotion was included. That is so weird, I thought most onaholes at least come with a packet.
  • Ease of Use: 9/10 Only trouble is if you are washing one hole and water gets in the other one.

FINAL SCORE: 47/50 or 94%. The only thing that held the onahole back was some lotion. With that said, This onahip (have I been saying onahole? It’s technically correct, but that’s some disrespect. It’s an onahip, not some random onahole.) is a wonderful experience whether this is your first onahip or your latest one after a few others.

Either way, enjoy yourselves.


Single’s Day part 3: Hory Shet! That’s just too much toys

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Time of this writing:  Feb. 14 12:00 AM

More self pleasure, this year, I got caught up in editing a video I downloaded (Completely unrelated, just it out of boredom and because horny)

Same topic: The collection I have accumulated over the year. And I think I dug myself in a hole; I couldn’t fit everything in one place or in one picture, but then I remembered that in part 1 (the first Valentine’s day post) I took several pictures. So I don’t feel too bad about it. But I grow worried I’ve bought too much, mostly because a delivery ended up taking almost 2 months.

But I’m not here to rant. I’m here to share and see how the collection has changed since last year.





Collection as of Feb. 2017.

One upside to this huge collection is that I will have plenty of material to work with in the coming months. And this can serve as a preview.

Well you know the drill, take care of your lover, yourself, and your onaholes. I’m off to decide which one will I treat with care tonight.

Anal Wife Beyond by Ride Japan

Image source:

Has it been a while? I don’t know but…butt time again.

Yes, anal. It has been a while since we have seen a anal type onahole. A little overdue if you ask me, but I had to wait for the right opportunity (translation: I was being lazy and kind of poor in terms of spending money).
Toydemon (was $13.95, now $10.95)$ (11,29 €)

Measurements L x W x H (5″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″) or (12.7 cm x 6.35 cm x ~5.72 cm) Weight 8.50 oz or ~240.97 g.

So what we got today (or whenever you read this) is a onahole by the name of Anal Wife Beyond. Again, anal theme with a womanly box cover.

Stare into the abyss of anal pleasure

I’m sure she’s talking about her ass

Very stretchy.

Goodness, look at that interior…

And I got to say: I enjoyed this onahole even more than Seductive Juicy Tits, something I previously though too difficult to do.

Edit 06/15/2016: So I lost the original half of this review and will now attempt to recreate as much as possible.

As  I was saying, I enjoyed this onahole more than the Seductive Juicy Tits. Inserting myself was easier(I would be surprised at this, but remember: MILF booty), no mystery bumpy interior, more of a…fleshy feel? The middle narrows for a tighter feel, and stretches to accommodate a variety of sizes.


An excerpt from a description online:

“The entrance of Anal Wife Beyond has many vein and skin wrinkle looking textures to get you excited.”

Now I don’t know about all of you, but veins and flesh are not my fetishes. However, the veins hold a purpose: to make it easier to hold during use. Also, I guess my fetish would be onaholes. Can onaholes be a fetish? I’m sure it can be.

You ever have a packet of lotion give you the bedroom eyes and in mid-strip? Well, you have now!

Comes with a 12ml (~0.41 oz) packet of lotion. his packet has everything: virgins, big boobies, loli girls, unzipped jean shorts, stockings. But one thing gets me: it says virgin and the girl on the box is probably in her 20’s. Could this mean this girl was an anal virgin before marrying you? If that’s the case, no wonder her ass was tighter than the MILF in your neighborhood (you know the one or do you?) who has, according to rumors, has seduced many young men with her large breasts and nice ass. An anal neighborhood bicycle if you will. (or at least in your dreams). All kidding aside, I still enjoy the MILF hole to this day.

I feel a disturbance, so I will wrap this up.

  • FEEL: 9/10 Even if it is better than Seductive Juicy Tits, it is not perfect.
  • MATERIAL: 10/10 This TPE stuff is great
  • AVERAGE PRICE: 10/10 Much more affordable, and feel better than Seductive Juicy Tits. And for a lower price: even better.
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 9/10 The lotion is great. It works.
  • EASE OF CLEANING: 10/10 Less lotion on my hands after use and during cleaning? Makes the process a lot easier.

FINAL SCORE: 48/50 or 96%. When the booty makes you come again and again to cum again and again, you should put a ring on it. Or in this case, you already did.

Oh yeah, one more thing:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Have a great night.


Single’s/Valentine’s/Onahole day 2

Time of this writing: February 14, 11:30 pm. (part 1)

Hello Once again everyone single, coupled, or otherwise.

I am the same here, stayed home, caught up with a show online, about to watch some hentai or porn. An eroge or two I am considering instead. Again, don’t feel bad, I chose this, more or less.

Since I did it last year, I’ll do it again: update on collection. And again, not bragging here.


Collection as of Feb. 2016

…yeah, it seems smaller this year. Maybe because most of the boxes are gone.

Have fun! Don’t hurt anyone, and happy fapping or sexy time!

Honestly, now I want to go take an onahole and…you know, fap, masturbate, whatever you would call the act of sexual pleasure of self. The anime valentine’s cards still get me.

Takeuchi Ai’s Ana Vagiee by Exe

Image source:

So, another onahole by Exe, huh? Yeah, this is going to be good. ($30.95) (guess what: discontinued.) (US $24) (69,99 EUR)

Dimensions: (L x W x H) (6″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″) (15.24 cm x 6.35 cm x ~5.72 cm)

I seriously did not expect this. Why is it that when I review an onahole (JAV’s to be exact), it’s discontinued by the time I review it? I got to be quicker on reviewing these things.

Since my box was ruined by water, (as mentioned on Twitter: online images will do.


So I discovered something (or more like re-discovered). The onahole has both a vaginal opening and an anal orifice. Either way, I was genuinely surprised…or I would be, but read on.

Both the vagina and anus are connected.

Now, it don’t think it’s a secret that onaholes may not be able to accommodate to different penis sizes. Knowing this, I went along because of both sense of surprise and arousal (of course, never forget that). I shouldn’t be making this complaint because:

1. These are onaholes,

2. I never had this problem with similar onaholes, and

3. It just ends up working out.

So the “problem” of fitting in (the onahole) should not exist.

But let’s look at the onahole in question, shall we?

(ruined box in the background)



Now compared to Excited at Body-Yu Sakura


and Seductive-Juicy-Tits-the-hole


(I think that big size of the images is justified). So yeah, the entrance size is kind of small and the width is kind of narrow, so when applying lube, the outside is a slippery mess and makes gripping difficult. Wow, so more than one problem…anyway, rating while I’m still in a good (not necessary sexual) mood.

  • FEEL: 6/10 If I cannot enter, I cannot say much. Feels soft to the touch though.
  • MATERIALS: 7/10 Again, feels soft to the touch.
  • PRICE: 7/10 price varied, but is not being able to enter inside worth it?
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 7/10 Supposedly, lube was included, but I couldn’t find which one was it due to a watered damaged package (aside from the plastic wrap, (not shown, I tried entering the onahole, got frustrated, then forgot I threw the wrap out)).
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 At least cleaning is easy.

FINAL SCORE: 36/50 or 72%. Maybe I should insert the USB onahole warmer and leave it in for up to an hour, update if this happens. Maybe the next product won’t tick me off as much.

Next time.

Update 12/28/2015: SPOILERS: I tried both warmers; they couldn’t help, the hole is ruined and only the head could be inserted. Oh well. END SPOILERS.