Takeuchi Ai’s Ana Vagiee by Exe

Image source: http://www.joshuanava.biz/female-manga-characters/the-buttocks.html

So, another onahole by Exe, huh? Yeah, this is going to be good.

https://www.toydemon.com/takeuchi-ai-s-ana-vagiee-onahole-masturbator ($30.95) (guess what: discontinued.)

http://www.kanojotoys.com/takeuchi-ana-vagiee-p-1476.html (US $24)

http://www.exclusiveone.com/p/d/660896848 (69,99 EUR)

Dimensions: (L x W x H) (6″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″) (15.24 cm x 6.35 cm x ~5.72 cm)

I seriously did not expect this. Why is it that when I review an onahole (JAV’s to be exact), it’s discontinued by the time I review it? I got to be quicker on reviewing these things.

Since my box was ruined by water, (as mentioned on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WavyTurtle/status/661803996030640128) online images will do.


So I discovered something (or more like re-discovered). The onahole has both a vaginal opening and an anal orifice. Either way, I was genuinely surprised…or I would be, but read on.

Both the vagina and anus are connected.

Now, it don’t think it’s a secret that onaholes may not be able to accommodate to different penis sizes. Knowing this, I went along because of both sense of surprise and arousal (of course, never forget that). I shouldn’t be making this complaint because:

1. These are onaholes,

2. I never had this problem with similar onaholes, and

3. It just ends up working out.

So the “problem” of fitting in (the onahole) should not exist.

But let’s look at the onahole in question, shall we?

(ruined box in the background)



Now compared to Excited at Body-Yu Sakura


and Seductive-Juicy-Tits-the-hole


(I think that big size of the images is justified). So yeah, the entrance size is kind of small and the width is kind of narrow, so when applying lube, the outside is a slippery mess and makes gripping difficult. Wow, so more than one problem…anyway, rating while I’m still in a good (not necessary sexual) mood.

  • FEEL: 6/10 If I cannot enter, I cannot say much. Feels soft to the touch though.
  • MATERIALS: 7/10 Again, feels soft to the touch.
  • PRICE: 7/10 price varied, but is not being able to enter inside worth it?
  • ADDITIONS/BONUSES: 7/10 Supposedly, lube was included, but I couldn’t find which one was it due to a watered damaged package (aside from the plastic wrap, (not shown, I tried entering the onahole, got frustrated, then forgot I threw the wrap out)).
  • EASE OF USE: 9/10 At least cleaning is easy.

FINAL SCORE: 36/50 or 72%. Maybe I should insert the USB onahole warmer and leave it in for up to an hour, update if this happens. Maybe the next product won’t tick me off as much.

Next time.

Update 12/28/2015: SPOILERS: I tried both warmers; they couldn’t help, the hole is ruined and only the head could be inserted. Oh well. END SPOILERS.








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