The onahole: What is it? (Reupload)

Edit: Fortunately, the original was archived and here it is.
The onahole: what is it?
Last time,
I had told all of you that I would tell the people about onaholes.
An onahole is a male sex toy used during foreplay or masturbation to simulate the feeling of many things, like a vagina or an anus. It can feel really good and can be considered better than manual masturbation or even sex according to some. Sex toys in general can be looked down upon as well as users of onaholes.
Speaking from personal experience, an onahole can feel wonderful and liberating, but may be something we keep to ourselves. Unless we are open to anonymous strangers and blog about it on the internet and feel secure about ourselves. Over the past few years, I had the pleasure of reading about onaholes from some bloggers who I consider wonderful people. I don’t know if they would mind if I mentioned them by online name, but don’t worry, you will all find out in due time (Edit: maybe?).
I would like to ask the readers a question:
Would you like me to continue telling you all my story and experience or if you want to hear about how I got into the world of onaholes?
You could also say “Yeah yeah, skip to the onaholes and/or related products you have used.” I couldn’t blame you if you want me to get to the good part. I could always come back to my story later.
If you don’t mind, why not participate in a poll? I would like to hear feedback from you all and how you would like to see this blog move along.
I will check back in a few days and see what you have to say.
See you all a few days after I finish typing this sentence.

Edit: Or if I goof up on adding a poll, you could leave a comment. That would be nice too. Again, see you all in a few days.

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