Costume Princess Aoi Chihiro by Toysheart, the poll result, and other shenanigans

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Based on the poll, the one and only result was “get to the good part!” I hear you o one anonymous voice that decided my destiny! (Nice transition right?)

My regret is asking for opinions too early, I will work on the timing, don’t worry.

That is all.

…Oh that’s right, I got a review I wanted to post on this blog, so here it is!

I would feel confident if my camera didn’t (SPOILER: STRONG LANGUAGE AHEAD AND IN THE FUTURE) (btw if you ignored the big spoiler line, good luck!) crap out on me and not take the photos I wanted to upload! An online photo (or several) may suffice under I get a new camera or phone.

Enough ranting, here it is: Costume Princess Aoi Chihiro

Sites I found it in:

ToyDemon ($24.95) (discontinued) (sold out) (unavailable)

Purchased it in the first link.


Looks nice, right?  I thought so too until, well, to be honest, I did not feel completely satisfied with it but it’s ok.


I did not feel like I could fit inside of it (to be fair, it is an onahole and I am referred to as a “westie”. The most I could fit was the tip (the onahole entrance/ nubby part) and couldn’t enter the 3D twisted and more nubby part (the best part) As of this writing, I believe my stats are average and I’m uncut, will confirm actual size later (maybe).

index 2

index 3 More images

index 4

This is the part I am talking about. I had it in my collection for a while and I was excited to use it, only for the thought “if I wanted to only go this far, I would use a disposable onahole or “head” stimulator according to some sites. The smell is not too powerful, which is good, some mind a strong smell and it isn’t sticky when applying lube. So yeah, kind of  hyped for this one but let’s continue

I read it was produced and sold starting from 2008 and was discontinued in early 2014, so I was lucky to have purchased one back in late 2013 (but am I really lucky? I wish I knew).

I couldn’t find it’s specifications (L x W x H) so here is an unhelpful image.

Edit: According to the box: 115 mm (length?) (about 4.5 inches) 245g (0.5 lbs or 8 oz).

index 5

It was produced by Toysheart in collaboration with a JAV studio (further research says the studio is called Earth Planning) for a DVD called Costume Princess, hence the name.  The material is called Pure Powder, it feel firmer compared to other onaholes I had in the past, but good nonetheless. It also come with Toysheart’s own Vanessa and Co. lotion, which feels good, as any good onahole is almost nothing without lube ( and a little water, if necessary).

index 6

A bottle of lube, as well as the specific one I’m talking about, but imagine a little tube like packet that contains 15 ml (about 0.5 oz) instead of 200 ml (about 6.76 oz) which the bottle contains.

My scoring system is divided into 5 categories from 1 to 10 points : Feel, make or material, average price, additions or bonuses and 1-10 scale of how easy or hard it is to maintain and use. (If this system sound familiar, please tell me, I would not like to be copying anyone who uses this system for their blog, if I did, I apologize.)

Anyway, crappy rating system V.0.01 go!

FEEL: 5/10 It felt rough after using it for too long in one session and firmer than most onaholes I tried in the past.

MATERIAL: 7/10 very little to complain about. it’s different, but not bad.

AVERAGE PRICE: 7/10 about $24.95 before counting shipping. A decent price for a somewhat decent onahole.

ADDITION/BONUS: 8/10 A pretty standard packet of lube, can’t really rate it any higher. Little would surpass this I guess.

Ease of use and maintenance: 8 (8/10): Little to no problem using or cleaning (especially cleaning, I already talked about use.

Final score: 35/50 or 70%. Pretty decent. I’m not saying to not get it, assuming it is still available online. It’s just my opinion and I have little to no credibility, so take it with a pinch of salt, or not. It’s your adventure, do it how you wish.

So yeah, see ya next time when I may review something good or a little better than this, only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Costume Princess Aoi Chihiro by Toysheart, the poll result, and other shenanigans

  1. Don’t feel too bad about the survey. You just need to generate more content to get noticed. AkaiHebi linked you on his front page, so you should start to get more traffic!

    Some suggestions I have…

    I think the title of the review should include the name of the product. Something like “Costume Princess Aoi Chihiro – Poll results and regret…oh, and a review, I guess.” would work.

    If you want to make it easier for your readers to find things, you should divide posts into categories like “review”, “poll”, and “other-stuff” and use relevant tags like “onahole”, “the name of the company that produced the product”, “vagina”, “anal”, “oral”, etc.

    Using a larger, bolder font for the review scores would help them stand out more.

    Including your stats (length and circumference) would give a better idea of how the reader’s experience may differ with the same product.

    Mentioning things like the smell and stickiness of the material is important to some people. If it reeks or acts as a magnet for hair and lint, I would certainly take that into consideration when I decide whether to buy it.

    How did it feel “rough”? Was the material too firm and irritated your head?

    I think it’s important to include store links to the product even if it’s out of production.

    It’s not necessary to include a link to the adult film it shares it’s title with, but if you could find it I’m sure that would be appreciated.

    Perhaps you could follow a pattern of alternating between reviews and other things to gradually tell your story and experience and how you got into the world of onaholes in between the reviews.

    No offense intended, but I think it would be better to review products that are still available for purchase. Otherwise the review loses much of its worth. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this product nonetheless.

    Perhaps you could do a review of the Vanessa and Co. lotion next describing the thickness, stickiness, scent, and recommendations for the type of onahole it would work best with (ribs, bumps, soft, firm, etc.)?


    1. Yeah, it’s cool Akaihebi did that unexpected deed for little ol’ me. I reviewed what you said and the edits to this post should be up later today. Again, thanks for the feedback.


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